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Monday, 23 March 2015


Medical tests conducted on a woman claiming to have been raped by Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti have confirmed she was sexually assaulted.
The results emerged as Mwiti denied the allegations yesterday and later recorded a statement at Gigiri Police Station over the accusation that he raped the woman in his private office at Westlands, Nairobi, on Saturday night.
A medical report from Nairobi Women’s Hospital indicates signs consistent with a rape attack and violence. The report shows that there were soft tissue injuries on the lips, cheeks, abdomen and chest, with signs that show “secondary to physical assault”.
It also indicates, in graphic detail, other signs observed from the woman’s body that are commensurate with forced intercourse. The report, signed by the medical doctor in charge at the hospital, states: “There were signs of very small bruises on the upper and lower lips with stains of blood. Minimal swelling on bilateral cheeks.
” The woman remained at the hospital yesterday to undergo further observation, as her husband was given the report to take to the police station where the case had been reported.  Mwiti spent five hours at the police station recording a statement over the allegations, which he denied, saying the public should give police time to do their work and unravel the truth.
“Police are going on with investigations and the truth will come out. For now, all I can say is that I did not rape the woman and so far all that is being said remains an allegation,” said Mwiti. “I’m ready to take any kind of test any time and when called upon to prove I did not rape the woman.”
On claims that the MP met his accuser at his office at 10:30pm, Mwiti insisted the two met in a bar he owns at Westlands and not in the office.  “I don’t have any relationship with the woman and making rape allegations is unfortunate and unfounded.
I am going to sue her for defamation,” Mwiti said in an interview with our sister TV station, K24.  He claimed he had drinks with his accuser before they parted ways, insisting at no time did they meet in the office alone. “There was no meeting in my office at 10pm. My office closes at 6pm and at no time did I have a meeting with anybody beyond that time.”
The MP admitted meeting the woman in a bar across the road from his private office where they said up to midnight.  “After we had drinks everybody went home at midnight. I later called her just to confirm if she had reached home safely, but not to demand anything from her,” Mwiti said. “I have known the woman for two weeks now.
She is doing some public relations work for me. The husband, too, is my friend of six months.”  The victim, however, claimed the MP brutally assaulted and raped her when she arrived at his private office. The 55-year-old MP allegedly coerced the woman into taking a HIV test before raping her repeatedly on the floor of the office.
Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, the woman denied ever being to the MP’s bar and insisted the incident took place in his office.  She maintained the MP invited her to a business meeting in his fifth floor office at Krishna Centre on Woodvale Groove, which he said had to be concluded that evening.
The National Gender and Equality Commission, on her behalf, called upon the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to speed up the investigations.  According to the commission, gender-based crimes are on the increase and most people are using money to buy freedom when caught.
“We call on both men and women to join us in condemning the offence in its entirety. We are concerned about the impunity committed by the perpetrators of sexual violence, they must be brought to book,” said the chairperson Winfred Lichuma.
She added that the doctor or whoever it was that administered the HIV test should also be charged for violating the HIV-testing principles. She urged the Chief Justice Willy Mutunga to consider setting up special courts for speedy prosecution of sexual violence cases that now appear rampant.
Also to weigh in on the matter was the chairperson of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Kagwiria Mbogori, who said the incident was a terrible tragedy to the country. The woman, Mbogori said, should be lauded for speaking out since the incident as reported sounded like she was set-up.
“The attack, if proved true, is criminal and everybody who has been implicated in the matter must be thoroughly investigated and charged,” she said. Elsewhere, Kenya Human Rights Commission executive director Atsango Chesoni said there was urgent need to support the victim due to the sensitivity of the matter.
She said the accused is a prominent person in the society.