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Monday, 23 March 2015

DP's style of leadership disastrous for Kenya, claims Governor Isaac Ruto

DP's style of leadership disastrous for Kenya, claims Governor Isaac Ruto
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Kenya:Political rivalry in the Rift Valley between Deputy President William Ruto and his namesake who is the Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto burst at the seams when the governor declared without elaboration that the former Eldoret North MP was unfit to rule. Reacting to weekend calls by the DP to the leaders of South Rift to isolate the Bomet governor, who also doubles up as the chairman of the Council of Governors, Isaac Ruto claimed the DP was a divisive leader who was sponsoring sabotage of the devolved units. He also claimed there were clear signs that the DP was unfit to command, citing what he called “obvious reasons”. But the DP’s office hit back with a dismissal of the governor as a ‘village elder’ seeking attention. Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto, who is grappling with rebellion in his county, has branded Deputy President William Ruto a roaming dictator who ought not to be trusted with the country's leadership over what he called "obvious reasons", with no elaboration whatsoever. In a bare-knuckle attack that highlighted the rapid deterioration of relations between the two, the Council of Governors (CoG) chairman took issue with the DP's remarks in Kericho County at the weekend when he urged local leaders to shun the Bomet governor who is critical of the Jubilee government. "Instead of the DP concentrating on uniting Kenyans and finding ways to address their grievances, he is busy sabotaging counties and sponsoring wrangles among the country's leadership," Governor Ruto said. See also: 'We'll back Laboso to unseat Ruto' "Contrary to his calls to leaders to disassociate with me, I advise Kenyans to shun him (DP)," he told The Standard on phone from Sweden where he is on official duty. "His leadership will be disastrous for this country due to the obvious reasons Kenyans know. His continuous divisive advice is not healthy for this nation. The DP is a roaming dictator Kenyans should take note of," the governor said. The latest spat was triggered by utterances at a forum where some MPs from Rift Valley who are close allies of the DP openly suggested that Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso is being groomed to take on Ruto in the fight for the Bomet governor's seat in the next elections. The governor, who did not have kind words for the DP, wondered how leaders could spend a whole day discussing his conduct instead of focusing their energies on matters affecting wananchi, like drought, disease and poverty. In reference to the DP's intention to contest the presidency in 2022, the governor faulted Ruto's leadership style, terming it "ruinous". "As a leader, we expect him to try to see what is happening across the country and remedy the situation but no, he (DP) is busy planting the seeds of discord among leaders, especially from the Rift Valley," said the governor. The CoG chairperson went on: "What more evidence do Kenyans need to realise the DP is a dictator? He wants leaders to take his word as final. Anyone with a divergent opinion is a rebel. He is asking leaders not to associate with me. Is this not the height of dictatorship?" Ruto asked. "MPs from the Rift Valley region have become his sycophants and cannot make independent decisions," he added.