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Friday, 20 March 2015


Security guards sacked ‘unfairly’ are unable to receive compensation awarded by courts because former employers change names and address. Their union claims 10 security companies that have been taken to court over termination and pay disputes no longer exist. This means that former employees who received favourable court rulings can’t be compensated or reinstated. Isaac Andabwa, the Kenya National Private Security Workers’ Union (KNPSU) Secretary General said many sacked members have been unable to serve their former employers with court rulings because of the change in address. He claimed the rate of termination was alarming, and had been compounded by the fact that employers were evading the law as they frustrate helpless workers, adding that about 50 sacked employees are stranded. “It is very difficult to serve a court ruling to a company that has changed names and address, even though the owners are still the same. The government must do something about this mess because employers are taking advantage of the same law to unfairly punish workers,” stated Andabwa.