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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Jap baby receives flowers and barbs

Members of Citizen Voice and Action Lobby groups from Kiambu, Murang’a and Kirinyaga counties have criticised the move by Jubilee  top leaders to merge URP and TNA political parties into Jubilee Alliance Party without consultation and approval from members. They blame David Murathe who is Uhuru Kenyatta aide for misleading TNA supporters.
Speaking to the press in Ngulibah, Kateki and Makuyu towns recently, the members claimed that the top coalition partners resolve to force their wish on members throats was fatally flawed and sought to entrench dictatorship through the backdoor by bringing on board a new political party without members approval.
Through their representatives Jackson Ndegwa, Eunice Nyokabi and Charles Njuguna, the members told the press that the allegations by those behind the formation of Jubilee Alliance Party that it aimed to keep those with divergent opinions at bay in both URP and TNA as political nonsense which is bound to boomerang on them and urged genuine party members to ignore them.
The members contended that the main objective of the move appear crafted to satisfy both Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto’s burning political ambitions to ensure a successful completion of their two terms allowed by the constitution.
They were categorical that the coalition’s duo would be better served and leave behind them enduring legacy by respecting the constitution that they swore to protect upon assuming leadership mantle.
The lobbyists further cautioned the brains behind the party’s formation that their actions was likely to occasion a national by-election should URP and TNA merge into Jubilee party as all politicians who sponsored by the dissolved parties to various elective posts would be left with one legal option to seek fresh mandate from the voters.
They added that the Jubilee coalitions top leaders attempts to campaign for a Jap candidate during the on going Kajiado Central by-election while still active URP and TNA members is a big political blunder with dire consequences for their presidential bid in future.
They expressed reservations as to why the ruling coalition that boasts of renowned political scientists and lawyers was playing into the main opposition Cord coalition’s hands by jumping from one blunder to the next in total disregard of the constitution.