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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fake promotion agents pitch tent in Kisumu

Residents of Kisumu town have demanded swift action from the police, Safaricom and Airtel companies to be taken against a group of unscrupulous conpersons that have been fleecing their hardearned cash through dubious promotions. The fake promotion agents pose as working for Safaricom and Airtel have their bases along the Kisumu-Kakamega highway.
One notorious group operates outside the United Mall that houses a Tuskys supermarket. The group uses a navy blue Toyota Corolla vehicle, KBF 839F to conduct their fake promotion. Unsuspecting clients are made to believe that when they part with Sh4,000, they stand a chance of winning two phones worth Sh8,000 each and Sh40,000 as the bonus. Later, fake receipts, Airtel lines, phones and numbers are issued. One sharp and slippery conman who leads the team goes by the name Sam and another has his phone number 0702484802.
According to sources, the said agents are criminals who had been roughed for conning people in Eldoret last year. Kisumu residents allege that the group is spoiling the reputation of Safaricom and Airtel companies and swift action need to be taken. Unfortunately, some police officers and county askaris are in the scam. Some are arrested and later set free after parting with money.
The fake promoters promise a variety of bonuses supposedly to help people make  money. Residents of Kisumu city have called on Safaricom and other companies to come up with ways to protect their consumers.