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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nyaribari Chache MP asked to wake up from slumber

Nyaribari Chache MP Richard Tongi has come under scathing attack for his alleged failure to participate in parliamentary proceedings and initiate development projects in the area.
Politician Zaheer Jhanda claimed that Tongi is among MPs who were recently reported to have not uttered a word in parliament and questioned his role as the peoples’ representative.
Speaking during the burial of Dorcas Bogita at Kabosi in Nyaribari Chache, Jhanda said that it was sad that Tongi had abdicated his responsibilities due to his failure to make contributions on the floor of the house.
The youthful politician contested the Nyaribari Chache seat in the last general election but lost to Chris Bichage before the latter’s victory was overturned by the High Court triggering  a by- election in December 2013 when Tongi defeated Bichage.
Interestingly, during the by-election, Jhanda who was initially in United Republican Party  did not contest but threw his weight behind Tongi of Ford-People.
But at Kabosi, Jhanda regretted to have supported Tongi whom he claimed had failed to deliver on his promises 14 months after being elected.
“I withdrew from the race and rallied behind Tongi in the hope that as a youthful leader, he had the energy to deliver development but he has disappointed me since he has become dormant even in parliament,” he said amid cheers from the mourners.
He claimed that Tongi was yet to make his maiden speech in parliament nor was he engaged in any meaningful development activities in the constituency and asked him to rise to the occasion or face the wrath of the constituents come 2017.
Jhanda who is a Kisii town Asian at the same time urged residents of Nyaribari Chache to discard politics of clannism saying it was the bane of development.
He said that over the years, the constituency had been steeped in clan politics pitting Kambanane, Boguche, Bosigisa and other clans and said what the constituency needed was a visionary leader who would deliver on development regardless of his clan of origin.
Nyaribari Chache subcounty is the only cosmopolitan constituency in the larger Gusii with Asians, Somali, Nubian and Ethiopians as residents of Kisii town which lies in Nyaribari Chache.
His sentiments were supported by another parliamentary aspirant Ben Mogaka who faulted Tongi for failing to unite area leaders including MCAs and like minded politicians to steer and accelerate the pace of development.
Dorcas Bogita is the mother of Harun Bigita, a two-time parliamentary loser in Nyaribari Chache subcounty.
Bogita, having tried in Nyaribari Chache politics in 2007 and 2013, came a far distance and is yet to give up in politics in the Cord family of ODM party.