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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Jap causes ripples in South rift

Jubilee Alliance Party  members are sending signals of improper representation of the party affiliates who now want to be given assurance of their positions in the party.
In a joint  meeting  of different parties leaders  in Kericho county,  officials from Kanu, URP, TNA, UDF  and New Ford-Kenya want William Ruto to engage  the services of elders to educate the populace on the agenda  and the way forward  in  Jap.
“The DP has to tell his supporters in simple terms what will be their responsibility in Jap at the earliest opportunity so that we can have everything clear from the word go and at the same time have faith in what we are about to undertake,” they noted.
According to Yokozuna Rotich, who chaired the meeting which was attended by 1000 different parties’ officials from Kericho and Bomet counties, there is a serious need to conduct rallies in the region which is a strong hold of Jap to educate the population of the importance of the alliance.
They want all leaders who are members of affiliated parties to be given a role so that they can participate in the national re-unification process.
“We believe that all members of Kanu, URP, UDF, TNA, and other parties which make Jubilee should be given responsibilities to participate in the new Jap alliance so that we can front a Kenya alliance,” he said.
In Kericho town, where the meeting was held, those present demanded that elders be given the responsibility to communicate to citizens at the grassroots level so that   they can understand the changes.
 Rotich who was flanked by David Mosi and Weldon Chepkwony, all from different parties, floated the names of Henry Koskei, Franklin Bett, Zakayo Cheruiyot and Sally Koskei as among those leaders who can be made use of by the Jap leadership to convey policies and unification ideas of the new alliance.
“Our president and his deputy are clear that nobody is to be left out of the alliance and we want    it so   from Coast to Busia,” Rotich said.
 Earlier, the leaders petitioned the DP to visit South Rift and constitute a community of elders who will  join hands with their brothers and sisters from north rift in crusading the Jap agenda.