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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kericho school heads to fight for CDF to stay

School headteachers from Sigowet constituency in Kericho have defended the constituency development fund saying that it should not be abolished as it has aided development of schools.
The school heads who were speaking at Kiptere Secondary School during the disbursement of bursary cheques for needy students worth more than Sh15 million said that CDF has assisted in development activities and scrapping it will stall many projects in schools.
Speaking while issuing out the cheques, Soin-Sigowet MP Justice Kemei said the government should increase the funding to secondary schools following the issue of the fee guidelines by the ministry of Education so that the schools can meet their obligations and to avoid charging parents additional fees. He said that the government should also employ sufficient teachers in all the secondary schools as most of the fees they have been charging has been going to teaching staff as salaries because the teachers given to them by the Teachers Service Commission is not sufficient.
Kemei said the government should increase bursaries for needy students in boarding schools to be Sh30,000 and above while those in day schools should not get less than Sh20,000.
On plans to change the general election date, Kemei said they want to move it to December because August is not ideal for elections adding that almost all the members of the national assembly are in agreement on it. He said that the matter will not need a referendum because it will be dealt with by both houses and if they fail, Sh6 billion for referendum will be not an issue to the government.
During the exercise, Moi, Kenyatta, Egerton and Kabianga universities including secondary school principals were awarded bursary cheques for the needy students from the constituency.
The Sh15 million bursaries was prepared by the Soin/Sigowet constituency CDF committee and the process started in sublocation level where members of the public elected their representatives before forwarding the list to the ward level.
The second year of giving bursaries to the needy students from the constituency studying in universities, colleges and secondary schools amounted to 18pc of the entire CDF allocated to the constituency in 2014-2015 financial years.