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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Queries meet Nyamira enforcement officers

Confusion and regrets have engulfed Nyamira following the gradual transformation of the county government into a corrupt outfit crudely structured with strategic pilferage leakages everywhere.
Latest shocking revelations have it that the governor John Nyagarama has secretly put in place a secret cartel, complete with an underground spy unit, to counter his opponents ahead of 2017 elections. Targeted are all area politicians questioning runaway corruption in Nyamira and the blatant incompetence in managing the affairs of the county.
Manipulation, blackmail are the firm prescriptions the Nyagarama cartel has been given to actualise the mission.
This invention of a  formula of managing a political unit has been necessitated by the need to protect, perpetuate and retain the Nyagarama government at all costs. The governor who scrapped through the last general elections by garnering an unconvincing measly 33,000 votes which is far less than the total votes garnered by three of his top opponents 29,000; 27,000 and 13,000 lives in perpetual fear of losing the seat in 2017.
His daughter Emily Nyagarama’s name features in the plot.
Governor Nyagarama’s  move to silence and scare off critics is heavily borrowed from his many years as a director and senior official in the tea industry, especially in the higher echelons of the Kenya Tea Development Agency.
For years he was a key member of a  KTDA cartel that ran a network within which thrived on allegedly skimming off farmers’ pay and bonuses and also made regular financial killing from inflating the costs of  bulk purchases like on fertiliser, farm inputs and gunny bags imports.
Nyagarama was used to keep a tight grip on the management of KTDA and the control of the tea sector.
He thus retired from management in the tea sector and entered straight into mainstream political leadership of Nyamira with a rich history and experience in  institutional financial manipulation for personal gain, blackmail and blackmail to control opponents, it is claimed. It was just a matter of time before he crafted a well spread  manipulation network for self preservation in power. He started it in style.
At one time, Pius Oburi, the late Nyamira branch manager of the Kenya Commercial Bank questioned the county government’s daily use of millions of shillings through cash transactions at the branch.
After mainstreaming procurement, employment, revenue collection, legislation and contracting deals, a crisis  has gripped and crippled the Nyamira county public service board.
A recent move to suspend the board came a cropper after the High Court lifted the suspension and ordered the board members to resume duty until the case is heard and determined. However, the county government has refused to assign them duties. Instead their roles and duties have been usurped by the county secretary.
Under the county governments Act, the mandate to employ or engage staff lies squarely with the county public service board and not any other person or entity. The board is mandated by Section 59(1)(b) of the CG Act to “appoint persons to hold or act in offices of the county public service”.
But in Nyamira this has been flouted deliberately to facilitate a parallel recruitment of staff majority who are to form the secret management and operational commanders of hit squads to be run by the county mafia. The plan is to have these mafia operatives paid from the Nyamira county government public coffers.
Governor Nyagarama and his allies have allegedly virtually suspended or done away with the public procurement and disposal plus the public procurement and regulation rules. They have put in place confusion and disorder in contracting and tendering process while accounting for funds, even for small routine expenditures is deliberately done to make auditing complicated, as they divert tens of millions of shillings, it is claimed.
Virtually all those recruited have undergone a fraudulent enlisting. Those not part of the mafia foot soldiers in the wards are being paid regular salaries. But the special new employees apart from being disguised as regular workers are enjoying multiple incomes.
They are being paid the regular salaries and another parallel pay and hidden allowances to facilitate their covert operations through secret payrolls that are not subjected to normal audits and oversights by the Nyamira county assembly.
During the earlier formal recruitment, it is said, heavy interference by Nyagarama and his untouchable cronies made the hiring to lack integrity as bribery and nepotism were allowed to influence decisions and applicants to be recruited. As a result, few of those who landed jobs were deserving cases.
Neither academic qualifications, experience nor performance in the interviews mattered in settling on applicants, save for a few. Some are renown bootlickers and sycophants of the governor and his political allies.
But it is the latest recruitment by county secretary that has raised eyebrows. Most of those already recruited have been posted to the wards.
At the top of this is the governor himself and is ably assisted by his daughter, and the deputy speaker Mr Magangi. Most of the county executive officers are supportive of the cartel’s operations just like the MCAs who have mainly abdicated their constitutional mandate and report to work daily just to pick big handouts from the governor and the cartel for legislative protection. As a result, they roam the county with big cars and armed bodyguards.
The formation of the grassroots political group may have started with the hiring of a team of five specially recruited members whose job is to enforce corruption operations and are ever present to protect the governor and his cronies. They operate like a private army and physically bully and terrorise people, openly extort money from victims while bragging to be pushing the governor’s agenda. The gang virtually controls key functions of the county government and extort money from job seekers, most who end up not getting the promised jobs.
Interestingly, all of these goons are fully employed at the county office as political advisers, revenue collectors or even county coordinators yet most do not have academic papers. They do not spare some MCAs and county executives. On some occasions they grace functions with donations and speeches claiming to have been sent by the governor to deliver.
It is this group that has been tasked with the responsibility to help identify good grassroots foot soldiers in every constituency and ward across Nyamira who will ensure only  Nyagarama’s handpicked cronies and relatives get to make it through the 2017 elections. Their mission is to come up with a manageable team of user friendly MPs and MCAs to work under the governor.
The list of recent recruits including the ward administrators is
1.   Hyline Gesare Sonoi  -   Gachuba
2.   John Ondari -   Nyamiya
3.   Alloys Mataya Moseti - Kemera
4.   Dominic Matoke - Magombe
5.   Philip Mayaka - Township
6.   Jackson Maina - Township
7.   Kennedy Mogaka Nyangau - Nyamaiya
8.   Charles Iranga Omboga - Bonyamatuta
9.   Wycliffe Ondimu Okari - Itibo
10. Okongo Ongera - Bosamaro
11. Douglas Kegwaro Obenga - Township
12. Richard Nyanumba - Bogichora
13. Phillip Mayaka -Township
14. Charles Iranga-Bonyamatuta
15. Jackson Maina-Township
16. Jared Okongo - Bogichora
17. Ronald Marwanga - Bogichora
18. Daniel Siocha Osumu - Nyamaiya
19. Dominic Matoke – Magombo

Enforcement officers
1. Ekerenyo Ward
Dorcas Bosibori Momanyi - Boisanga
Linet Nyamweya Nyasagare - Bokurati
Evans Mose Nyaboongoye - lkonge
2. Bokeira ward
Benard Motaroki Mogaka
Handson Momanyi Orina 
Matongo Grace Kerubo Ongeri
Egetonto Sylvester Aranga Ondigo
3.  Magwagwa Ward
Florence Adhiambo
Seby Ochieng Ndubi 
 Eunice Nyaboke Motuka
4.  Nyansiongo Ward
Richard Areba Mochache
Pauline Kiwira Mbae 
Festo Nyambegera Oenge
5.  Mekenene
Eunice Nyang’au
Abel Bonuke Nyandogo
Lawrence Mainye Nyakundi
Susan Tai Nyaboke
6. Kiabonyoru
Ronald Juma Mecha
Linet Kwamboka Momanyi
Robinson Rasugu Nyamboga
7.  Esise
Lydia Bitengo Mongare
Jackson Omanga Sengenge
Kelvin Omambia Okemwa
8. Township
Edwin Ontomwa Kamanda
Lilian Kemunto Momanyi
Barasa Gaka Edwin
9. Bomwagamo
Obed Marita Mongare
Lawrence Mokua Bosire
Charles Barongo Getabu
10. Gachuba
Lee Maturi Mwamba
Elija Maronga Ocharo
Girango Janet Awuor
11.  Itibo
David Omayio Osano 
Andrew Mogaka Sibota
Milka Kemunto Zephaniah
12. Bosamaro
Nancy Kwamboka Mongare 
Mathew Okinyi Nyagwoka
Justus Okero Arege
Caleb Oguku Mayaka
13. Bonyamatuta
George Morara Ogechi
James Mwasi Ocharo
Elivina Mokeira Nyakoe
14.  Kemera
Henry Nyamorambo Omwoyo 
Nehemiah Misati Ongera
Edina Misaro Orutwa 
Nagisera Moses Nyakundi
15.  Rigoma
Benard Orucho Osoro 
Birongo Onguso Richard Onguso 
Margret Magoma Mor”eka
16.  Gesima
Rodgers Ongaro Nyagari
Obiero Dominic Omwenga
Elivis Maroko Mosebi