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Sunday, 1 March 2015

KRA officer now opens proxy bank accounts to hide trail

An enforcement and investigations officer with the Kenya Revenue Authority in Mombasa is now moving his allegedly illgotten millions to different bank accounts under names of relatives to avoid detection by anti-graft sleuths.
The officer based at Longroom  KRA Southern region headquarters has for the last two weeks been avoiding his office only making technical appearances after ensuring there are no suspicious figures around, claiming he has been held up in training.
The officer, it is claimed, is tightening loose ends by concealing money he has been obtaining from importers whom he charged Sh300,000 each per container.
The officer who hails from Rift Valley has reportedly changed account names to fictitious business entities in fear of the accounts being linked to him.
He is alleged to have chosen friends to run the accounts as required by business accounts, by offering them shares on mutual understanding that they cover his tracks should there be queries.
He has allegedly also opened accounts in names of close relatives who have been given instructions to keep the accounts active by withdrawing and then depositing to make the accounts look as if they are run by business people active in daily transactions.
While importers  threaten to boycott clearance of their cargo if action is not taken against the officer, the commissioner general on the other hand is busy fighting his own boardroom wars to secure another term as the man in charge at Times Towers, giving the officer ample time to conceal his loot.