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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Man dupes farmers with free fertiliser gimmick

Police last week arrested a man who has collected over Sh1m from thousands of residents of Kakamega county promising that they would receive fertiliser from the county government.
The man was nabbed after fleeing to the Kakamega East subcounty offices to seek refuge from hundreds of farmers who were baying for his blood. Kakamega East police boss Helen Rotich said the man sought refuge at the offices and was arrested as he tried to escape through the rear gate while the crowds were held back at the main gate.
“The farmers said the suspect had been soliciting Sh200 from each of them allegedly for registration before they can get fertiliser. He also asked them for another Sh13,000 to transport the commodity which was however non-existent,” she said.
The OCPD identified the man as Kizito Nandi and said he had collected the cash from unsuspecting residents of mainly Ikolomani and Lurambi constituencies. The police are investigating whether there had been plans to steal fertiliser ordered by the county government and distribute to the victims.
Drama unfolded at the Kakamega East subcounty offices when Isukha Central ward rep Richard Muchesia stormed the headquarters and attempted to eject the suspect.
The subcounty AP Commandant Peter Abuga had a hectic time trying to contain the crowd and was forced to hide the suspect in his office from where he also attempted to escape using the rear gate.