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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Man nearly killed for firing question to Tana River MP

A man was seriously injured in Garsen constituency recently after he questioned how the constituency development fund had been spent in the area. Sources say that the meeting held at Oda almost aborted after hooligans descended on the man with kicks and blows accusing him of disrespecting area MP Ibrahim Sane.
Sane is accused by Garsen constituents of operating the CDF kitty like his own personal property and failing to be transparent in his dealings with the public fund. The MP replaced Danson Mungatana who contested for Tana River governor in the last general elections and lost to Hussein Dado.
It is said a desperate and overwhelmed Sane whom opponents are rejoicing over his alleged failure to perform has devised ways of diverting attention by criticising the county government.
Sane has reportedly teamed up with his Bura counterpart Ali Wario to accuse the county government of alleged under performance. However, it is claimed the duo’s criticisms is as a result of their failure to land lucrative tenders in the county government.
“We know how these people operate. They are ever pestering the governor for tenders and other favours and when they fail to get, they go out there to criticise his government claiming it is not performing,” an MCA from the county claimed.
Early last year, the Tana River county MPs threatened to have Governor Dado impeached by the county assembly members on accusation that he had not involved them during refurbishment of county assembly and the governor’s office. However, the differences were later resolved after Galole MP Hassan Dukicha stepped in to ease the tension which threatened the county’s stability and development.
Sources claim the MPs’ accusation of Dado administration is sweet music to Mungatana’s ears as this will create an opportunity for him to reinvent himself politically. Mungatana is the chairman of the Kenya Ports Authority.
Tana River county political power is currently in the hands of the Orma and Wardei communities which for years had been politically dominated by the Pokomo. Governor Dado is from the Orma community same as county women representative Halima Ware Duri. Galole MP Hassan Dukicha, Bura MP Ali Wario. The county senator Ali Abdi Bule, Garsen MP Sane and county speaker Nuh Nassir are from the Wardei community.
In a bid to appease the Pokomo and make them feel part of his county government, Dado has appointed a number of professionals from the community to key positions.