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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Murang’a leaders finally accept county waterworks

Murang’a county leaders have thrown their weight behind the proposed multi-billion water project and at the same time warned politicians against sabotaging development initiatives in the county by politicising them for their cheap and malicious political propaganda.
Speaking at Golden Palm Hotel at Kenol in Murang’a South of Murang’a county, the leaders in a statement read on their behalf by Mathioya South member of Water Resource Users Association Samuel Macharia said it was unfortunate that the beneficial Murang’a county Water Northern Collector Tunnel Project funded by the government was being delayed because some selfish leaders had politicised it.
They said that the project had undergone experts scrutiny, analysis, feasibility study and ascertained that it would not affect supply of water to anyone during and after its construction but would instead ensure that all people in Murang’a get enough quality water for both domestic use and that of irrigation.  
The opinion leaders who were drawn from youth, men, women groups, religious organisation and community based organisation said the meeting had been called to discuss development matters pertaining to their county.
“Foremost, we wish to commend the county government under the leadership Governor Mwangi Wa Iria for initiating numerous development projects beneficial to our community and the county at large. We have witnessed significant progress in all sectors,” said the statement.
“Our gathering today here is to support the multi-billion water project which has gone through extensive feasibility study and okeyed by experts. Apart from providing clean water to our community the project will also create employment particularly the youth who are currently engaged in immoral activities like the notorious consumption of illicit brews, drug abuse and promiscuity,” said Maina Baba who represented the business community.
Macharia urged a technical committee constituted recently to iron out a few areas to quickly submit its report so that the project can start immediately. He said politicians are known to oppose projects initiated by their opponents. He gave an example of the laptop project, Malindi port, the Standard Gauge Railway and  others.