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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nyeri villagers fear they will lose land

More than 200 Kirico village residents in Nyeri have raised complaints against grabbing of their residential plots where they claim to have been living since Kenya attained independence. Their strong worded application containing list of 234 village residents dated March 2 2015 has already been submitted to Nyeri county government appealing against grabbing of their residential plots.
    The application signed by their chairman James Magenda, secretary Samuel Gitonga and treasurer Grace Wairimu, also appeals to the county government  to investigate the matters arising from Kirico village with reference to the map released in 1975.
    They appealed to the county government among the other authorities for investigation of claims about Kirico insecurity of which they assert that a grenade was found placed near the house of Njaramba and leaflets dropped on December 10 2015.
     Kirico village residents sought a court Order in 2014 through Anne Thungu, which successfully stopped late Else Wairimu who is allegedly the mother of one grabber, from being buried in their residential plots. The list of the 234 Kirico residents, now with Nyeri Town MP Esther Murugi was also handed over to then vice president Daniel Moi in 1975, when he went to Tumutumu for fundraising. The 11 committee officials made up of three women and eight men, challenge their rep Baragu Mutahi to join them in fighting against grabbing of their plots despite.
     They said that they want title deeds given to them because they have been living there since the state of emergence after which people with spare lands vacated while the others without were left there.
Their accusing finger is pointing at the provincial administration for allegedly collaborating with local tycoons who plan the village land grabbing forcing the poor to vacate. Kirico villagers went out on peaceful demonstration on January 5 2015 in protest against insecurity, grabbing and demand of title deeds, claiming every authority has been turning deaf ear to them.