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Monday, 16 March 2015


Kenya’s political landscape will be dramatically different by 11pm Kenyan time. Whichever way the Kajiado by-election goes, Kenya’s political scene will register major tectonic shifts.
Uhuru’s JAP will either be buried or be launched. Raila’s CORD will either be slowed down or get rejuvenated and reloaded, having inflicted major injuries on Uhuru’s reelection agenda.
A JAP loss will mean a retreat to the drawing board. Trajedy of it is that Uhuru will still be in State House albeit depressed should Ntimama endorsed Memusi Kanchory clinch the seat.
JAP loss also means Ruto’s bagaining numbers will be highly diminished !
Former Heritage minister Hon William Ole Ntimama in blessing ODM’s Memusi Kanchory said the by-election is crucial because it affects the entire Maa community. “Memusi is the right candidate for this seat. I appeal to the people of Kajiado to heed my advice and give him a chance,” .
He described Memusi as the hope of the Maasai because he has been brought up in the community. He said this is a chance for the Maasai to prove their unity. Ntimama said after serving the people of Kenya and particularly Narok for more than 40 years, he understands the challenges that the Maasai face. “If the people of Kajiado want their interest to be well represented, they should elect Memusi,” Hon Ntimama added.
Meanwhile Men in Black, Masai Morans are guarding the ODM vote while Sonko Rescue Team and POLICE are set to help IEBC.