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Monday, 16 March 2015

William Ruto BIGGEST LOSER in Kajiado by election, Uhuru HUMILIATED by Raila Kalonzo

Deputy President William Ruto who literally camped in Kajiado is the biggest loser in the just concluded Kajiado Central by-election. Ruto the URP party leader’s masquerading rights as the leader of pastoralists community have been deflated.
He has always pretended to be the KaMaTuSa spokesman and the go to person for anyone seeking the Kalenjin Maasai, Turkana, Samburu votes.
Ruto is also said to be the brains behind the dissolution of URP and TNA giving rising to the ‘cursed’ Jubilee Alliance Party-JAP. The formation of JAP party was to enable Ruto hide his missery in the Jubilee coalition government where his side has been shortchanged in almost all key government appointments.
Ruto who took charge of the campaigns in Kajiado thought he could bullshit the Masai like he did in 2013. Doubts are now emerging if indeed URP/Jubilee did win the votes in Masai land or it was just massive rigging? Kenyans now doubt more than ever whether they won in 2013 Presidential vote.
The Kajiado result is a sweet revenge for Hon William Ole Ntimama the ‘spiritual’ leader of the maa community who Ruto humiliated in 2013 by referig him to Vasco da Gama. The legendary Ole Ntimama who is on his retirement endorsed Raila’s choice Elija Memusi the eventual winner.
William Ruto should now count out 400,000 votes of the Masai community off his list. Ruto is now effectively confined to Kalenjin land having lost the Somali and the Muslim votes of North Eastern thanks to Jubilee discrimination against the Muslims in the fight against terrorism.
Memusi win confirms the beleif of many Kenyans that come 2017 Uhuru Kenyatta will be sent packing. Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka is a bigger winner with his Kamba votes playing a crucial role in the win.
This win marks an expansion in Cord territory and confirms that Raila’s 2017 candidature is not only feasible but also viable. Cord’s 38 -40 tribe coalition remains intact. The reform movement is reenergized and reloaded. Jubilee now restricted to Kalenjin and Gema zones, a shell of its former self.
Ruto’s fortunes are dwindling fast and furious. His 2017 bargaining position massively weakened. We all know how the story ends. A one term ill-fated presidency.
The Kajiado win is equivalent to USA’s mid term elections and a strong showing by either the democrats or Republicans is a signal of subsequent presidential election.