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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Raila men’s plot to control Kisumu politics leaks

The recent directive by ODM leader instructing party chairman John Mbadi to take stern action against ODM party rebels is one way of Raila Odinga strategically re-organising himself ahead of the 2017.
By Raila saying that ODM would undergo a massive restructuring to make it a more formidable force in the next general elections shows how he is sharpening his daggers as he makes his last stab for the presidency.
Already, Raila is trying to radically reinvent himself and the party as was witnessed recently when he received a report conducted by one of his advisers Oduor Ong’wen in regard to corrupt activities in Kisumu county which he has so far handed over to the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission.
One of his close aides who spoke on condition of not being named  said that after he is done with the Kisumu county assembly, he is destined to deal with Kisumu governor Jack Ranguma.
Raila has lined up his cronies to take key elective positions in Kisumu county in what is said to be aimed at stamping his authority in the lakeside county which he believes if not well handled, could give him a headache like it happened in Homa Bay.  For the fist time in many years, Raila was forced to pitch tent in the region as a section of legislators opposed his preferred candidate.
Raila’s men are said to be pushing his vocal sister who is at constant loggerheads with Ranguma, Adhiambo Odinga, to contest for Kisumu Central constituency, while Rosa Buyu is likely to go for wemen rep with Anyang Nyong’o taking over from Ranguma. Nyando MP who of late is seen to be one of Raila’s errand boys as he usually stands strategically besides him in most photo sessions has been urged to go for the senatorial seat.
Most in Raila’s inner circle  are said not to be comfortable with the said arrangement asking where the likes of Kisumu West MP Olago Aluoch, Nyakach MP Joshua Aduma Owuor and party financiers like Job Ndege,  Hezron McObewa, Joseph Ogendo and Eric Okeyo are.
Just who are Raila’s preferred candidates for Kisumu county’s  parliamentary positions?
Nyakach Constituency
Joshua Owuor popularly known despite losing his parents is said not to be considered as future Nyakach MP and instead,  Raila is said to be fronting for the man he defeated during the last general elections Ochieng’ Daima.
Some of Raila’s men are said to be uncomfortable with him because he is seen to be ambitious and a go-getter within the region.
The kitchen cabinet is also said to be courting the recently sacked roads minister in Ranguma’s government, Vincent Kodera.
Muhoroni Constituency
The MP Onyango K’oyoo weathered ODM euphoria in Luoland and defeated Ayiecho Olweny who was an assistant minister.
Raila men have never had a good eye for K’oyoo and at one point, they tried to push Samuel Ong’ou but they have now  deserted the MCA after discovering he cannot be sold to voters and has loose morals. He is said to be in love with a woman MCA whom they cohabit with in Kisumu. As a result, Raila’s camp is reaching out to K’oyoo as he was seen in Homa Bay campaigning for the young Kajwang. K’oyoo attended almost all Kajwang’s rallies together with governor Cyprian Awiti.
 Olweny  is out of the race due to poor financial position that has seen him go back to lecture halls. However, others surrounding Raila not comfortable with K’oyoo are  talking to Charles Muga.

Nyando Constituency
The seat is being held by Fred Outa who is said to be going for the senatorial seat. Raila’s strategists have convinced the current Kisumu county MP Rose Nyamunga to go for the seat.
There is also Owino Ogendo whom many say is moneyed and cannot be controlled while some are also talking of former East Africa Assembly MP Otieno Karan. 
Kisumu East Constituency
The seat is held by Shakeel Shabbir whom many in Raila’s kitchen cabinet are comfortable with. They say the likes of Job Ndege, Oguya Ogwang’ and Kenya Sugar Board official Nicholas Oricho are too liberal for the seat and they can not be controlled when push comes to shove.
But some are also pushing for John Anditi.
Kisumu West Constituency
Olago Aluoch won the seat on Ford Kenya party ticket but is however said to be a man of his own principles and does not ascribe to political sycophancy.
“Olago came to parliament on his own despite ODM denying him nomination, but he is too liberal and can not be twisted and that’s why Jakom wants the principal of St Mary’s High School, Yala, John Awiti who is also the head of secondary schools heads body to go for the seat.
Siaya senator James Orengo is however said to be fronting for Kisumu journalist Agwanda Bob who is currently engaged in sports promotion in the county. Agwanda was one of Orengo’s trusted loyalists during his days of Mageuzi Movement
Seme Constituency
The kitchen cabinet is  said to be comfortable with the sitting MP James Nyikal. They see him as an unambitious legislator who can dance at will to the political demands of the time.
However, some professionals from Seme are said to be pushing for Cosmas Ngeso who is a director with the National Transport and Safety Authority.
Kisumu Central Constituency
The seat is held by Ken Obura whose honeymoon with both Raila and his voters appears to be over.
The kitchen cabinet has settled on Raila’s sister Ruth who is the deputy governor of Kisumu to go for the seat.
“We know it will be a tall order but when Raila will say it, then the seat will be hers,” one of those pushing for her said.
They are buoyed by the fact that despite the resistance upon the issuance of ODM certificate to Moses Kajwang’ for the Homa Bay senatorial seat, the party’s candidate eventually won.
Kisumu County Governor
Raila is pushing the current Nyong’o to go for the seat.
Others are pushing for the McObewa.
“The governor must be a man who is ready to dance to our tune at our whim. Others will give Jakom hard time,” said a man who purports to have Raila’s ear.
Kisumu County Senator
Nyong’o is the senator but Nyando MP Outa is said to covet it.
Kisumu Women Rep.
Former MP Eric Nyamunga’s wife, she is currently the area women MP but she has will go for  a parliamentary seat to leave the seat for Raila’s cousin Buyu who twice lost to Olago at the parliamentary level.