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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Narok governor changes tacts to survive onslaught

Narok county governor Samuel Ole Tunai has come out breathing fire and told critics of his administration led by Senator Stephen ole Ntutu and four Narok MPs that he is not their whipping boy and is ready to sting and take them head on.
He said that he will not anymore sit and watch as his critics threaten his political life with falsehoods and told those interested in his position to wait for another political showdown in 2017 general elections to prove their worth.
Governor Tunai said Senator Ntutu and his team  are not sincere in their alleged financial misappropriations and should instead wait for the official report by a team mandated to carry out investigations instead of resorting to public demonstrations and character assassination in their public rallies.
Tunai said he is ready and willing to welcome Ntutu and his team to a round table discussion from where they would see the untruths in the accusations levelled against him particularly on financial impropriety.
“Several government departments have been dispatched to Narok county to investigate the issues raised by the senator’s camp and they should be given time to finalise their findings without due intimidation from either side,’’ said the governor at Suswa.
He said he is fully in charge of the county and dismissed those fronting for his ouster as self-seekers not ready to sit and reason together instead of using outdated street demonstrations to push for their political interests.
The governor told the senator’s team to swallow their pride and embrace dialogue to bring peace and harmony among the warring political camps in the county which he said was at the expense of development in the area.
The governor has since launched rallies across the county to sensitise the residents on development achievements so far made by his government.
Tunai vowed to unite all communities living in the county and give fair distribution of available resources and employment opportunities to all irrespective of their political backgrounds.
It was a big political boost for the governor after  members of the Loita clan through their leaders distanced themselves from Senator Ntutu and vowed to rally behind the governor whom they described as sober.
The Loita clan leaders led by the area MCA Patrick Shuma who addressed a  baraza at Olmesutie Primary School where  Tunai unveiled his county Integrated Development Plan appreciated funds have been allocated towards various community development projects in the area and in particular on repair of roads  and education institutions.
Tunai told the five political leaders to use their energy in meaningful development activities instead of engaging in endless political propaganda that sometimes borders incitement and could easily spark off bad blood among different communities living in the county.
Governor Tunai who was accompanied by his deputy Everline Aruasa, county women rep Soipan Kudate, Narok East MP Ken Aramat and 20 reps claimed the political war against him by Senator Ntutu was a ploy to deviate his development programme to attend to imagined political attacks by his critics in readiness for the 2017 general elections and vowed he will never be swayed. 
For the last one year, Narok county has witnessed  political bickering pitting two political camps one  led by Tunai and the other with  four members of parliament led by Ntutu.
The camps have endlessly engaged in political war of words until last month when it finally exploded during street demonstrations in Narok town that left two people dead and many with serious injuries.
Senator Ntutu has ganged up with MPs Moitalel Kenta of Narok North, Patrick Ntutu of Narok West, Johana Ngeno of Emurua Dikirr and Kori ole Lemein of Narok South to call for resignation of Tunai over alleged misappropriation of funds generated from the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.
Other political giants from the county drumming for the ouster of Tunai  include former cabinet ministers Julius ole Sunkuli and William ole Ntimama, Andrew  Sunkuli , Hassan ole Kamwaro, Silvester ole Ntutu, Meitamei ole Dapash, Ladema ole Kina, some  reps and civil servants.
Kenta won the seat on TNA ticket while Tunai and four other MPs in the county won on URP tickets. Ngeno won the seat on KSC ticket.
 The major accusation against the governor is that for the last two years, he allegedly mismanaged billions earmarked for development projects, failure to consult with other stakeholders during implementation of projects in the county thus turning the activities into one- man show, a fact which the governor vehemently refutes.
Another issue against the governor is alleged unfair distribution of jobs and favouring his close political allies leaving behind clans members particularly those from the Purko clan which majority of his critics belong.
Governor Tunai was also accused of awarding his own company a tender to collect revenue from the Maasai Mara Game Reserve after cancelling a previous tender he found operating signed by the former Narok county council and Equity Bank.
According to Narok North MP Kenta, the governor has sent packing tens of revenue clerks who were deployed in the Maasai Mara entry gates after a company Kenya Airport Parking Services introduced e-ticketing method of revenue collection.