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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Senator delinks himself from deadwoods

Nakuru county’s poor performance in development may deter its elected leaders serving in the county government another chance in the next general elections.
Nakuru senator James Mungai claimed that although he was doing his best to ensure maximum funds are allocated to Nakuru county, the fact that the county spent only eight of its last financial year on development has damaged the institution of the county government.
“Such a blunder should never recur as wananchi will never give us another chance at leadership,” said Senator Mungai.
Mungai added that it is a shame that only Sh800 million out of Sh10 billion was spent on development attributing it to staff incompetence.
“If you have such a high number of staff and you can’t deliver, it’s very disappointing. With such big staff numbers consuming almost the entire allocation, you should be performing. It means the staff are doing very little out of the Nakuru residents’ expectations,” said the senator.
Mungai argued that the poor performance in the county could make the electorate not to differentiate the diverse roles each of the elected leaders play.
He said besides the county oversight roles, he has been ensuring that the image of the county is protected and respected by calling for more development funds to the county from the national government.
He asked the county electorate to evaluate each county elected leader on an individual basis in the coming general elections and also base their assessment on duties bestowed upon each.
Mungai, according to Nakuru county’s political analysts, has been one of the best performing elected leaders in the county.