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Monday 30 June 2014


The coastal city of Mombasa known for its exotic lifestyle, posh hotels and its coastal breeze has for last one week been a beehive of life thrills as sex workers from major towns in the country descended on it like a hurricane.

A spot check in Nairobi's redlight district of Koinange Street revealed that it was empty as most of them had relocated to Mombasa to cash in on the Principals' conference.

The Sex workers commonly known in Nairobi as ''chips funga'' or ''take away'' did brisk business as most of the Principals decided to let off steam after daylong meetings during the one week conference.

It's a political reply of 2013 election in Mathare

Political nemesis George Wanjohi and Stephen Kariuki are headed for a repeat of the last general elections intrigues in Mathare constituency in what analysts now describe as a do-or-die return match in the impending by-election.

But even as TNA and ODM operatives roll up their sleeves in the looming titanic battle, it's the entry of the former Youth Enterprise Fund CEO Gor Semelang'o which has now complicated matters for the ODM party. The game plan is to have Gor who is a Luo run so as to divide Luo votes.

Raila Saba Saba rally power Shocker

Contrary to speculations that Cord leader Raila Odinga plans to use the anxiously awaited Saba Saba rally to lead a revolutionary front and ignite a people's power to cause mayhem and chaos in the country, we have gathered that meeting will be used to unveil Cord's long road-map to 2017 general election.

After his  heroic return from USA, Raila has kept even his foes and confidantes guessing aswhat his end game is.

Raila supporters therefore expect a bigger announcement on Baba Saba Saba day unlike his Baba homecoming rally at Uhuru Park when people disappointed and dejected.But one thing Raila has kept a guarded secret is what action he plans to take after the Saba Saba rally.

Friday 27 June 2014


Top in our next week's edition: Mathare Constituency by-election: In depth analysis

Ruto misleads Uhuru, Raila declares

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has told his allies that he has no problem with President Uhuru Kenyatta whom he refers to as his brother.

However, Raila blames Uhuru's deputy William Ruto for misleading the president on key national issues.

According to Raila, Uhuru is a moderate who means well for the country but happens to be a political hostage of hardliners in the Jubilee governemnt.

The former premier his on the view that Uhuru is out to fight corruption but his hands are tied due to power sharing formula with URP.

Impeccable political sources say that according to CORD leader, mega and high level scandals that are being associated with Jubilee government have deep roots in ministries and parastatals associated with men appointed by the DP's wing of government.