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Monday 18 May 2015


We are pleased to announce an entirely new web site from and that beginning Monday May 25 2015, we shall move to our new website We've designed and built from the ground up a new, super-clean look with high-tech underpinnings.

We’re glad you asked. We’ve now moved to the new look web site where navigating between stories is easier and finding more content that appeals to you is just a click, swipe or tap away.

The site officially launches on Monday, so in the meantime you might run into some bumps as we transition from one system to another.
Be patient as everyone is working hard to complete the move as quickly as possible.

The new look web site is a platform for independent journalism. We promise to be a mainstream news platform primarily focuses on politics, foreign news, political economy, business and development.

We promise to be a news site that publishes original content and is reporter driven. The website will be optimized for all devices, including mobiles and tablets. Those wishing to contribute stories to be published are most welcome.