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Sunday 17 May 2015

Oparanya, Lisamula feuds disrupt new marketfunction

Tension was high at Khayega market last week after it became apparent that the long awaited modern market construction was to start with Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya officially doing the groundbreaking ceremony at the market centre. The fear was that those opposed to the venture would disrupt the function because the county government did not compensate them for “their plots”.
The organisers of the event had to reschedule the venue from the market centre to the chief’s centre. Tents, chairs and public address system had been put in place only to be shifted to the new venue.
Even the governor was allegedly not welcome in the area as the chief guest as there were rumours that all would not be well if he attended. The furious Oparanya, while addressing the gathering at the chief Charles Ligabo’s centre warned that he was not the governor of a particular region but Kakamega county.
This was in reference to the remarks by Richard Muchesia Muhavini (Shibuye ward MCA) that Oparanya was welcome in the area and that nobody would dare disrupt the function when he and other MCAs were around.
The governor warned that he would visit any place, any time and had no option of asking any leader to accompany him. Oparanya accused Shinyalu MP Anami Lisamula of misleading his people, especially the victims of the last year’s shops demolition. As a result, he said the Khayega new market was far much behind the schedule.
“These victims came to my office. They were accompanied by your MP. They claimed ownership of the plots in question despite the fact that with them, they carried allotment letters which allowed them to build temporary shelters!” he wondered. Oparanya warned that Shinyalu will never prosper if political leaders engage in “heckling politics” as they receive applause from the populace.
The governor laid the foundation stone amid tight security in a function that lasted for about five minutes before they shifted to the chief’s centre where speeches were made. To counter the security threat, the county government engaged a private security firm which deployed over 20 guards. Heavy presence of police, both in uniform and in the civilian was evident. The police contained pockets of unlawful acts by unruly youths with ill-motives.
The area MCA Herbert Sore Makatiani said that he was like “a pregnant mother who is about to deliver a pouncing baby” in the name of the new market. He said: “I have been pregnant for more than nine months! But I am ready now to deliver. Don’t you women remember the time you had a lust for a baby? But if there was no gentleman to say “I love you”, would you get one? And therefore, would we build the market if there was no land ready?”
In a show of solidarity with the host, all MCAs in Kakamega East attended the function. They  were  Lubwa  Lutatwa (Ikambili), Sindavira Mwanzi(Ivihika), Muchesia Muhavini (Shibuye) Edward Chimwani Shivembe (Ilesi) Litsanga Shilosyo (Murhanda), Alex Khamasi ( nominated, A) and Emma Imbayi (nominated).

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