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Sunday 17 May 2015

Who is the winner after Uhuru Bomet visit?

Uhuru Kenyatta and his William Ruto’s tour of Bomet the home of Governor Isaac Ruto was purposely aimed at swaying and tilting  the residents against the governor.
Prior to the visit, the region was turned against William Ruto by the governor who was seen grouping Gideon Moi, Kuresoi South MP Zakayo Cheruiyot, Narok senator Stephen Ntutu and Emurua Dikkir MP Johanna Ngeno.
Few days after the formation of Jubilee government, discontent started with Guv Ruto and Cheruiyot accusing the DP of being selfish, claiming to have been forgotten in the sharing of the top public offices in the republic.
The two consistently expressed dissatisfaction of the appointment to various public offices since after claiming that South Rift was not given enough slots and that TNA was shortchanging the URP while the DP kept quiet.
At early stages, the region residents thought the issue was minor to be solved but political rift was seen widening while both divides ready to outdo each other.
Taking advantage, Gideon toured the Kipsigis community South Rift seeking to win the Kipsigis community against DP Ruto in his preparations for 2017.
Gideon with Isaac tried to first portray the DP badly in the sight of Uhuru hoping Uhuru would ditch him for another bride.
Gideon Moi, Isaac and Stephen Ntutu held a meeting at Mara Safari Lodge.
They then went to Olenguruone in Kuresoi South where all except Ntuntu were recorded saying that the DP was tired to lead the community and there was an urgent need to replace him.
DP Ruto while speaking in Nandi county was on record saying that Gideon, Isaac, Nick Salat and former Cherangany MP who is currently Uhuru’s political adviser Joshua Kuttuny were praying to have the ICC cases turn against him for political gain but declared that ill-minded people will never lead the community.
Moments after that, nine nominated URP nominated MCAs were called for a series of disciplinary meetings at party’s headquarters where governor knowing that a plan was cooking against him offered a lawyer to accompany them.
The party expelled the MCAs from the party in a letter signed by the party’s general secretary Fred Muteti.
The same day after the MCAs were expelled, Governor Ruto’s administration suffered a blow when finance executive David Cheruiyot was impeached by 14 out of 15 MCAs who remained in the chamber over incompetence and violation of public finance Act 2012.
Few days later, Uhuru and     Ruto toured the region where they flayed governor Ruto.
“I want to tell some leaders here that politics has changed from the old style of fighting. Do not expect Ruto and I to fight, I am comfortable with Ruto and together, we will take far this country,” Uhuru said.
Uhuru asked the thousands of the residents who were present whether they were tired with DP Ruto as it was seen in the newspapers and when the crowd expressed confidence with the DP, he said let those who write propaganda can continue as they will wrap meat with newspapers.
Uhuru targeted Isaac who in the recent past was seen to have staged a vicious fight against Ruto.
Uhuru clearing his deputy’s named, dismissed the allegations that he was leading the Mau evictions saying that he was the one behind the eviction of a few who had invaded the forest beyond the cutline in order to preserve the water sources.
Later on, the duo issued a 40-acres title deed of the contested Bomet University land within Bomet town against Isaac’s wish to have it in Sigor in Chepalungu.
After the meeting, the discussions in the region were that DP Ruto was still strong and that he was still the community’s kingpin for several years to come.
The president and his deputy were accompanied by over 50 members of national assembly from across the country who pledged support to Jap which governor Ruto had vowed not to join.
The five Bomet MPs who have been accused by Governor Ruto to be used by the DP to sabotage his governance rose and questioned the crowd whether they were behind DP and to the  governor’s shock, they applauded DP Ruto several times.
To the public, governor Ruto was demeaned by the tour but on his side, he insists that he is still strong and will not change his stand against the DP.
“We thought they came for special prayers and help the Africa Gospel Church build its regional offices but they turned it into a political meeting to campaign for Jap. I never talked of politics because I respect the church so much otherwise, I am still ready to tackle them properly,” he said during a press in Bomet town conference a day after.

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