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Sunday 17 May 2015

Midnight photos of lovebirds stir Nyeri court

Two advocates argued hotly over photographs produced in a Nyeri lawcourt with intention of proving that the Nyeri county government secretary has loose morals.
The photographs were taken while the county secretary together with her work mate boy friend were found asleep on bar chairs at Hill Rock Restaurant at midnight in Nyeri to Nyeri. The OCS whose security team suspected the waiting car in which the petitioner was waiting outside the restaurant, advised that photographs be taken for confirmation  for  circumstantial evidence.
         Lawyer Karweru represented the county secretary Mary Wairimu Mwangi who was not personally present in court during the hearing of the case. Counsel Karweru found it unsuitable having the photographs displayed before the court, some of which were published in the local media.
   Respondent Wairimu and Bernard Githinji had their photographs published in the local weekly newspaper, which created hot arguments before the court besides those others displayed before the court.
      In his reply counsel CM King’ori for the petitioner said there was nothing wrong with displaying the photographs before the court, since intention was confirmation of circumstantial evidence.
         Resident Magistrate J Aringo who took some time studying the photographs commented that the court could not interfere with media and nobody can stop the media from doing their work.
     The magistrate advised the lawyer to pursue the matter accordingly in case it was found necessary, but the counsel said that the media ground could write without mentioning him.
    The petitioner who is a trader at Nyeri town open air market has filed civil divorce case before the Nyeri Lawcourts seeking dissolution of their 12-year-old customary marriage, during which they were blessed with two daughters.
     The petitioner is now appealing to court to grant the right of staying with the children, since it is claimed that the children are left locked in a house while the mother goes out for her escapades with the work mate in-charge of administration who is said to be her boyfriend.

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