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Monday 4 May 2015

Nuns are harassing us: Tenants of Madonna House, Westlands

Tenants of Madonna House in Westlands are not impressed with Immaculate Heart Sisters who manage the building. The tenants of the building in Westlands told The Nairobian the sisters impose heavy penalties on delayed rent payments and deny them access to their offices on weekends. Karegwa Muchiri, who is a tenant said: “I am Catholic and has been a tenant of Madonna House for the last six years. I am, however, extremely embarrassed by the conduct of the nuns from the Immaculate Heart Sisters, who incidentally are all Nigerians. “I pay Sh61,000 as rent every month. It, however, beats logic why a landlord would direct an auctioneer to collect outstanding rent even before the month ends, just because of delayed payment,” complained Muchiri. Muchiri added: “On top of the rent, the sisters levy an interest of seven per cent for late payment, in addition to auctioneers fees. This has pushed my liability to the landlord for the month of April to Sh90,000. This is daylight robbery and extortion of the highest order. I have written to the head of the Catholic Church in Kenya, John Cardinal Njue, and I hope action will be taken against these nuns.” Douglas Nyakundi, the proprietor of Sasa Credit Limited that is also located in the building said: “During Easter, which was around the time we are supposed to pay our rent, I was denied access to my office after the watchmen were instructed not to allow anyone into the premises because it was a holiday,” Nyakundi said. “The management has refused to install meters for tenants and instead slap us with bills that have unverified monthly estimates. Those who ask questions about the bills are immediately disconnected,” Nyakundi claimed. Sister Judy, who is the one in charge of the five nuns running the building, however, denied these allegations, saying they always prioritise the interests of their tenants. See Also: I did not kiss, lift girl's dress or touch her breasts and private parts - Salesman “As sisters, we are women of God and therefore we treat all people fairly and humbly,” she told The Nairobian. “Those complaining about auctioneers collecting their rents are the ones who always default and don’t pay on time,” she added. Sister Judy also said that: “Our security manager decided to be extra cautious during the Easter weekend. All tenants were denied access. We are a team of five and don’t believe in conflict.” She added that it’s always never easy pleasing everyone.

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