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Sunday 17 May 2015

Mututho talk sends Mbugua panicking

The race for the Nakuru county governorship in the forthcoming 2017 general elections has received another new face. Nacada board chairman John Mututho will be running for the political seat for the first time although he had shown interests during the last 2013 general elections but abandoned his ambitions at the eleventh hour during the preliminary stages of nominations.
Mututho is poised to give other prospective contestants a run for their money as he is expected to create a political impact out of his latest move on consolidating the youths and women with an added advantage of his recent past development projects in the area, especially to the underprivileged at the county region.
Despite the fact that the incumbent, Kinuthia Mbugua commands political respect in the populous Nakuru county, Mututho says he will give the seat a second shot adding that the county needs fresh ideas, further claiming that the current leadership has failed to provide the residents’ needs.
The former Naivasha MP who was speaking at Nakuru town’s Lake Nakuru Lodge recently said if elected, he will address and champion issues affecting especially the youth, women and the underprivileged among other pressing problems afflicting the local electorate.
The Nacada boss said residents should elect leaders from the area as they are well-versed with the problems affecting locals, as opposed to outsiders.
“Nakuru has a huge economic potential but cannot be utilised properly due to bad leadership. Hence, the county is sinking into a series of strikes by county workers because it cannot be able to utilise the revenue it is collecting to up service deliver,” said Mututho.
He further said that he was duped into abandoning his bid for governor during the March 4 2013 general elections with promises that Uhuru Kenyatta wanted him to serve the nation in other capacities. Mututho had been one of the most active and vocal legislators during the tenth parliament.
If the current scenario is anything to go by, it is expected by many that at the next general elections period for the county governorship slot could revolve besides Mututho,  Mbugua, Lee Kinyanjui and Francis Kimemia.  Although time will tell, Kinuthia’s proponents assert that he is the right candidate for a re-election as he is revered and respected due to his articulate nature, transparency and fairness in dealing with the region’s electorate.

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