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Monday 4 May 2015

TV presenter Larry Madowo -From mandazi vendor to news anchor

Outspoken and assertive, Larry Omondi Madowo is one of the most popular television presenters in Kenya. His start at the business desk saw him grow his brand to become one of the most sought after Kenyan journalists, but his was never an easy path. Born on July 14th 1987 in Siaya Kenya, Larry was raised in Kisumu where his love for the church and priesthood began. This led to him joining the St Gabriel Seminary School in Kisumu where he learnt all about the vocation. Back in the day his key motivation was the belief that priest and bishops were the most influential member of society. However by the time he was in form four, his priorities shifted from the church as he got to learn about a whole new world away from the village. Having lost his parents at a very young age, Larry and his young sister were left under their aunt’s care. During this time he had to help in his aunt’s tea and mandazi kiosk in Gikomba in a bid to raise funds for their upkeep. His interest in broadcast and journalism saw him join the Daystar University where he got basic skills in regards to journalism. Inspired by Louis Otieno and Lilian Muli, Larry joined KTN as an intern on the News desk. Over time, he was transferred to the Business desk where he horned his journalism skills. A few years later, he worked for the CNBC in South Africa, after which he came back to Kenya and joined NTV. With a knack for technology and business Larry now works as a radio presenter, columnist, technology editor and news anchor. Larry is quick to mention that he is single because he has not met a woman who’s worth it. With an impressive repertoire and an inspirational profile, Larry is a role model to many and for that reason he is our MCM today.

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