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Sunday 17 May 2015

Shame as Luanda traders chairman begs shoes

Officials from Luanda Traders Associations exposed themselves to embarrassment after they publicly begged Governor Moses Akaranga to buy shoes for the association’s chairman Donald Ondele.
The incident has angered Luanda traders saying they were embarrassed by the officials asking the governor to buy shoes for the chairman instead of requesting things that would assist them.
They said the officials should have told the governor to come and preside over a fundraising to support the association’s growth into prosperity. 
“How can the association’s officials go to the governor’s meeting to beg for shoes instead of asking for big things which can help traders? They have exposed us to embarrassment,” said Jane Olindi.
The chairman was then given Sh2,000 to buy shoes by deputy governor Caleb Amaswache.
Ondele instead failed to buy the shoes to get rid of his sandals popularly known us Tuk Tuk and instead shared the money with one of the association’s officials.
Sources close to Ondele revealed that he was forced to share out the Sh2,000 and still saddle in his Tuk Tuk.
Ondele was seen at Luanda market in his Tuk Tuks and not brand pair of shoes running away from public health officers who were arresting those traders selling cooked foodstuffs in open shoes.
He was forced to hide the mandazi which he hawks at the market until the crack down ended in the middle of the day.
Ondele is Luanda traders chairman but he is hawking mandazi in a small container at the market, a scenario that traders and wellwishers said should be revised and the chairman secures a good kiosk to carry out his business.
“As chairman of Luanda traders, Ondele should be helped to get a good kiosk within the market to carry out his hotel businesses. The traders and market leaders should help so that Ondele can settle in a good room to avoid engaging in a cat and mouse race with public health officers.

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