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Sunday 17 May 2015

Njuri Ncheke not happy with Kaimenyi

Education cabinet secretary Jacob Kaimenyi is a cursed man. The Njuri Ncheke council of elders in Meru held a meeting at the Nchiru shrine to place a curse on the CS.
The bone of contention is Kaimenyi’s failure to honour summonses of the elders through their secretary general Josphat Murangiri. Sources say Kaimenyi had ignored their calls to appear before them and instead recognised former Njuri Ncheke leaders at a rally in Meru attended by William Ruto.
The elders now claim that Kaimenyi undermined their leadership and even after they sent four emissaries to serve him with the summonses to appear at the Nchiru shrine, he declined.
It was after he ignored the summonses that they held a traditional cursing ceremony chanting “he is an outcast and should not transact any Njuri Ncheke business”.
According to traditions, now that he is an outcast, he cannot not attend any Njuri Ncheke function and should never identify himself as an elder of Njuri Ncheke. He should never greet any Njuri Ncheke elder and should never set foot at any Njuri Ncheke shrine until he is cleansed.
During the cursing ceremony, the elders also imposed a fine known as “mirongo ithatu” on the CS. They said if he fails to pay the cleansing fine, he remains “Ncheege” (porcupine). They have also urged Uhuru Kenyatta not to use the CS as a mediator or messenger between them and himself because they will not accept that.
The wrangles between different factions of the Njuri Ncheke Council of Elders played out at a function graced by Ruto. Although members of both factions, one led by Phares Rutere and the other by Linus Kathera were present at the thanksgiving ceremony for Women Rep Florence Kajuju, Kaimenyi only recognised Rutere’s group in his speech.
In his speech, he heaped praise on the Ruteere group for ‘a sterling job for the Ameru community.  Rutere, the longserving secretary general of the council of elders was instrumental in installing senate majority leader Kithure Kindiki as an elder, and the spokesman of the larger Meru community.
The Meru Professionals Association headed by Erastus Njoka, Francis Muthaura and former surveyors boss Mwenda Makathino are some of key supporters of Ruteere faction.

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