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Sunday 10 May 2015

DP Ruto blasted for reckless remarks

Kanu fraternity in Nandi has criticised and demanded an apology from Deputy President William Ruto over his recent sensational remarks which likened the party to a corpse and claims that Senator Gideon Moi was in celebration over his tribulations at the International Criminal Court at The Hague where he faces charges of crimes against humanity.
The party leaders said that the remarks amounted to disrespect to the party and were tantamount to dismissing the former President Daniel Moi who mentored him into political leadership.
In a statement to the press in Kapsabet town, four party officials David Bett, David Kitur, Gideon Too and Sammy Kalum said that the deputy president was lowering the dignity of his office by engaging in empty rhetoric and commenting on every emerging petty issue.
They predicted that he will soon be rendered irrelevant because of his big syndrome whereby he assumes every step he takes should be agreed by everyone.
The four accused him of fanning squabbles in United Republican Party counties by secretly inciting members of county assemblies and other elected leaders.
“In our counties, if our governors don’t toe the party line, we hear of impeachment threats and coups at the assembly as some governors are hated with a passion  and branded traitors and sidelined,” they said.
They vowed to organised a political rally and embark on a fierce recruitment drive, claiming that the URP had lost taste with the people after shortchanging them by merging with the TNA without consulting voters.
They swore loyalty to senator Gideon Moi, claiming that he was better placed to run for president in next elections because he was a focused leader with high integrity, qualities which they said lack in most people seeking political leadership.
“Kanu is a natural party for Rift Valley people. We will mount a fierce campaign to ensure that the party captures as many seats as possible in next general election,” said Bett.
As things stand now, despite former councillors showing intention of rejoining the mother party, a majority of the youth support the deputy president on almost every issue while the elderly residents are divided in loyalty down the middle.
They faulted the DP for merging URP with TNA without consulting and asked the Baringo senator to continue popularising the former ruling party ahead of next elections.
Meanwhile, the Kalenjin Welfare Association has pleaded with Bomet governor Isaac Ruto and the Baringo senator Gideon Moi to tone down their public tirades with Ruto.
Through its newly elected chairman Simeon Ng’eny, the association said that the continuous attacks against the DP will undermine his chances of becoming president after Uhuru Kenyatta.
He asked Governor Ruto to respect the party that sponsored him to the top as he asked Gideon to shelve his ambition because his father left State House just recently.
 In a joint statement with representatives from Maendeleo ya Wanawake and youth leadership, the association condemned verbal harassment on Senator Charles Keter of Kericho during a funeral service in Uasin Gishu recently.

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