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Sunday 10 May 2015


Leaflets discrediting Nyamira governor John Nyagarama, his family and county government  were  dropped in towns and market centres in Nyamira county.
Members of the public woke up to find leaflets littering the major towns and markets with shocking contents.
The contents allege how Nyagarama has perpetuated corruption in his government using his family members and irregular employment by the county secretary Eric Onchana. The governor is also accused of nepotism.
The leaflets had a list of names of an alleged mafia-like hit squad the governor has reportedly formed in every ward so as to terrorise and silence those pointing out mistakes in his government particularly those linked to stealing and misappropriation of public funds and resources. 
Those in the hit squad as per the leaflets have been tasked with the responsibility of manipulation, blackmail and violence to actualise the mission of those opposed to the governor’s corrupt deals in his government.
The leaflets further claim that the governor has incorporated his daughter Emily Nyagarama in the embezzlement spree and her husband Duke Matoke who is a Nis officer as the co-engineers and drivers of the mafia.
Members of the public who read the leaflets were shocked by how the funds released to the county government were allegedly being misappropriated and immediately demanded that thorough investigation be carried out into the matter and action be taken.
One resident Jacob Mongare said that devolution was meant bring resources closer to the people so as to assist the poor at grassroots level but not to enrich those in power together with their family members as what the Nyagarama government was doing.
Nyamira OCPD Rico Ngare said that police are investigating the authors of the leaflets and their motive.

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