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Sunday 10 May 2015

Guv Awiti defended from MPs’ attacks

Residents of Homa Bay county have blamed some MPs in the area for neglecting their national mandate and were instead spreading propaganda against county governor Cyprian Awiti.
Led by secretary of Mumbo Cultural and Development Forum Aguko Mayora and a Nairobi businessman Obunga Bonyo, the duo said some legislators from the county have been part of the problems the country government is facing, yet they have become busy bodies inciting people against other elected leaders.
They claimed that an MP they did not name from the area was busy going around inciting people against Governor Awiti’s government, yet two years ago immediately after the inception of the devolved county government, the same lawmaker approached the governor with a long list of names of his cronies he wanted appointed and hired at the county office.
In the list the governor rejected were the MPs’ relatives with some who did not even have relevant or any qualification to warrant them employment at all.
Mayora and Obunga agreed that although it is prudent for the governor to consult with elected leaders on pertinent issues, MPs should however, not take the advantage to bully and hold the governor hostage by insisting on who he should give county jobs and how he should carry out his functions, stating that the governor is not answerable to MPs but to the people of Homa Bay.
They said that in each constituency, there are about 50 slots to be filled by the MP and usually the legislators appoint kith and kin on those positions without consulting anybody.

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