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This is a document that was apparently written by Mutahi Ngunyi with the assistance of a few other people. It details how the Jubilee government plans to sideline Ruto if they win the elections. 

In developing this strategy we borrowed highly on premises of the 7 point minimum scenario (Tyranny of numbers) that assures our candidate of first round win in the coming March 4th Election.
However the win comes at a price which MUST be contained through a well-designed strategy to ensure that despite the requirements of the new constitution we still manage to wrestle the power from other sources and retain it within our sphere of control.
Our current challenge is to devise a strategy that would tackle the following areas;
a) Manage an executive number 2 in power- the constitution provides for an executive number 2.
b) Manage the 50:50 sharing of government – in getting the numbers for top up we signed an agreement for power sharing which may not be realistic once we settle down into the business of running the government.
It must also be pointed out that our current number 2 is a very abrasive and ambitious person who will want a lot of say in the running of the government affairs and we risk having two parallel centres of power.
We must also remember that Kibaki was able to manage this transition very well with RAO once he took over power and despite the hue and cry he managed to still take a stab on second term successfully.
The Number 2 Factor
Our current number 2 can be described as a very smart politician who has used his position to both endear himself to his people and accumulate wealth for himself. He is equally abrasive and very ambitious and would want to play a major role in the running and decisions of the government. From his character we anticipate that in the first six months we should expect some cold war between him and UK since he is known to always want his way and does not believe in being managed or lead.
Secondly a number of things that have been agreed upon are not realistic and may render our man powerless and reduce him to a figure head.
His weakness?
Every strong personality brings on the table a number of weakness that we will need to exploit at point namely;
1. In getting to his current position the man has rubbed everyone the wrong away and he therefore will have very little sympathy from the mainstream leaders. Just a sneak preview on this tells you that; Raila, Kalonzo, Wamalwa, Mudavadi will all be baying for his blood on the night of the long sword. We can also count of some of these people to prop up the government when the time comes (Kibaki did it very well).
2. Corruption: the man has a number of corruption cases including fraudulently acquiring land in various parts of the country. Some of these cases are still active in court and will come in handy at the appropriate time.
The deep sea approach
In 2011 when Obama administration took on Osama Bin Laden they took on the deep sea approach by entering the airspace of Pakistan through the sea and disposing of the body in the deep sea to ensure that it leaves minimum disruptions in its wake.
Our approach must equally take the same angle through;
I. Land cases: fast track land cases facing number 2 using The Judiciary. This plot will create the fastest trap for finding number 2 culpable then he will be forced to step down and in accordance with chapter six of the constitution. It is then important to identify a friendlier and weaker candidate without a strong ethnic base and the person who fits this bill is Balala. In propping him up he will also bring on board a sizable Muslim block that will effectively counter the number 2′s block.
II. Exploit his weakness: as pointed out earlier number 2, in getting to current position, created a number of powerful enemies and the most opportune time to exploit this weakness is when things settle and its time to form the government. The plan is to use his enemies to shoot down all his nominees in return for a few government appointments.

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