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Sunday 10 May 2015

Ongeri lost shoes ghosts haunt Nyachae family

Sam Ongeri is working to thwart efforts by the family of Simeon Nyachae ascending to the position of the coveted seat of Kisii county gubernatorial seat. But before this, he has to retrieve the shoes that he lost in South Mugirango.
Ongeri who was a senior minister in retired Daniel Moi’s Kanu regime had gone to attend the burial of former area MP Magara Nyankieya of the then Ford Kenya who perished in a road accident and the blame was put on the system.
The late Nyankieya who was rushing from Kisii to Kisumu to board a chopper to Nairobi perished on the way which was immediately blamed on the government which had become a big headache to the opposition diehards.
The ambassador to the UN Habitat had defied warnings from the rebel groups who had mobilised university students not to attend the funeral together with former Kitutu Masaba MP, the late George Anyona had to face the music on arrival at the charged funeral.
It was simple information to the mourners of the presence of Ongeri and the late Anyona by the then Kisii branch executive secretary the late Christopher Matoke when they turned the wrath against them with Anyona hiding  under a lesso of the late Nyankieya’s widow while Ongeri got chairs and stones flying over him and his bodyguards.
To this day, Ongeri has retained the bodyguards who fired several times into the air to save his life as the charged mourners followed him in hot pursuit since they had lost a serious debator in the August House and a comedian in public forums.
It was at the intervention of retired Simeon Nyachae that cooled the tempers as Ongeri was taken through a sugarcane plantation leaving behind his driver where he found a good Samaritan who took him to the then Kisii General Hospital before being  airlifted to the Nairobi Hospital where he spent weeks undergoing treatment.
The political differences were simple. Moi had reshuffled his cabinet and removed Nyachae from the coveted seat of Finance to that of that of  Industrial Development which he declined, forcing Moi to appoint the then Bobasi MP Chris Obure who is currently  Kisii county senator.
It was then that Nyachae went out to team up with the opposition where he led the Abagusii community to revolt against the Kanu regime when he joined Ford People and swept all political seats in the impending general elections.
As a result, we have established that Ongeri who remained steadfast behind Moi and later his pet project Uhuru Kenyatta, is questioning the political resurrection of the Nyachae family after losing seven years ago and having been beaten by veterinary doctor Robert Monda.
Ongeri has established a strong team among the  Nyaribari clan that is Masaba and Chache led by former district commissioner Ezekiel Machogu and former Nyaribari Chache  MP  Monda which will work around the clock to ensure that James Ongwae bounces back as the governor.
Monda who lost the Nyaribari Chache parliamentary seat thanks to the support the Nyachae family gave support to the present MP Richard Tong’i during the by-elections by marshaling his people to embarrass the family which has since identified one of their own to be the Kisii governor.
Of late, the chairman of the Commission Implementation the Constitution Charles Nyachae who is the eldest son in the family has been crisscrossing the are and attending funerals and churches services spearheading the  needy for Abagusii unity.
The latest was at Marani Catholic church in Kitutu Chache constituency and Masimba Primary School in aid of the Seventh-Day-Adventist churches where younger Nyachae was humiliated to the chagrin of proponents who have been pushing him to go for the seat.
At Masimba which is in Nyaribari Masaba constituency, Nyachae had to plead three times to the congregation to appreciate his speech by clapping to which he received mixed reactions as he appeared a stranger to the crowd.
Enroute to the venue of the harambee, there were crowds of people who were carrying banners and twigs chanting Governor Ongwae’s slogans which  was translated that Ongeri had down the ground work to have Ongwae  retain his seat.
At Marani, Nyachae arrived and greeted area MP Jimmy Angwenyi, Kitutu Chache North, Deputy President William Ruto and later Ongwae and other leaders before sitting but only realised later that he ought to have consulted with the governor before giving his speech.
After 20 minutes, he sent word through the area MCA Dennis Ombachi that he wanted to talk to the governor, to which he agreed and they shared 15 minutes before returning back to his seat.
During his speech in the two functions at Marani and Masimba, Nyachae avoided his norm of criticising the county government and only commended the national government for the efforts made to bring development to Kenyans.
At Masimba, Ongwae scored for petitioning the national government to upgrade the Kijauri-Nyansiongo-Ikorongo-Masimba- Kiamokama road in the area.
Ongwae has started working on the Riatirimba Youth Polytechnic which was initiated at a cost of Sh100 million, Kiamokama fresh produce market initiated at a cost of Sh80 million, Kiamokama Health Centre and Masimba subdistrict hospital.
Ongwae is implementing all these projects - thanks to the good working relationship with Ongeri who lost the senatorial seat to Chris Obure.
During the last general elections, Ongeri garnered 29,000 votes in Nyaribari Masaba ahead of Obure who garnered 3,819 votes and Omingo Magara 1,800 votes.
It should be noted that three quarters in Nyaribari Masaba constituency will cast their votes as per Ongeri’s advice and this was what he told the Masimba function that was presided over by Ruto.

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