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Sunday 17 May 2015


When Nairobi residents were recently experiencing flash floods owing to the heavy rains that pounded the city rendering most roads impassable and causing untold nightmares to motorists, to others, it was business as usual and a blessing in disguise. One such person is none other than the maverick TNA nominated Senator Joy Gwendo.
After hammering one too many and more than enough hard drinks with a Nigerian man at Fronto, a joint located behind Real Insurance Plaza in Nairobi’s  Upper Hill  area as it rained cats and dogs,  the Senator could not control herself and started harassing  her friend sexually. Revellers at the popular joint could not believe what they were being treated
to as the senator unbuttoned the man’s shirt and started caressing his chest in a revealing manner. Sooner rather than later, the centre could not hold and the senator settled on the West African’s lap.
Too tipsy to talk coherently or walk, she at one time requested to be escorted to the toilets by her guest. All this time, the heavens were bursting. On disvovering  that it was not going to stop raining anytime then, they cleared their bills and walked straight to their car which was parked on the lower side lawns of the club. This was around 9pm at the peak of the pelting rain.
They are said to have locked themselves in the car for hours waiting for the rain to subside. A motorist who had been blocked by their car and wanted to drive off after the rains had ebbed walked over to notify them he wanted to head out.
To his surprise, as he walked to alert the security guards to identify the owner of the sleek imposing vehicle, he discovered the roof lights were on and the auto was rocking gently.
He knocked on the windows but the two who at the tine were too busy with their business to notice anything just went on with their business undaunted.
Upon realising they had been seen, the senator braved it out with her unzipped skirt asking what the matter was. Upon explanation, she said “we are in a mess dear” and told her man to zoom off.
This is not the first time the senator is finding herself in trouble socially. Last year, a woman by the name Pauline Mbewa came out to claim the senator was having an affair with her husband Thomas Mbewa. It is said the senator who is in senate on Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA ticket, nearly caused Mbewa’s marriage to crumble when she started dating Mbewa. The couple has been in marriage for eight years. It forced Mbewa’s wife to desert her matrimonial home leaving behind her children for months.
Pauline’s efforts to engage Mbewa relatives to solve the matter hit a snag. It is said a planned marriage between Mbewa and the senator has failed to proceed after the man discovered his lover has a chain of men some of who were ready to stop their marriage either in court or in church for reasons best known to them.
Mbewa at one time was quoted saying: “It is true I’m dating Joy and we have known each other for the last three years. It has been an on-and-off relationship which my wife knows about and we decided to formalise it. We are now engaged and very soon, I will call you and other members of the Fourth Estate for a formal marriage.” This has however never come to pass.
When the senator last year was arrested of being drunk and locked at Muthaiga Police Station, a man now believed to be the one who was with the senator during her Upper Hill escapade visited her at the police station. He is the one who bailed her on the morning of Sunday March 30 2014. Mbewa was not informed of the saga only to learn from press reports. Gwendo  spent the night in a police cell after failing an alcoblow test at midnight. She had been having a good time with a friend and had dispatched her government-paid aides. Since the arrest saga, the senator and Mbewa’s relationship has hit rocks.
The manner in which she landed TNA nomination has been at the centre of discussions with word that she used her sexual prowess to land the coveted seat. She is also said to have fallen out with a top TNA official behind her nomination.
Recently, TNA Kisumu county branch called for her expulsion from the party.
The branch in a letter to national office, wants her stripped off the senate nomination among other disciplinary measures. Area party officials say she is an ODM mole and has been summoned by the office on several occasions over her conduct, but deliberations have not borne any fruit. Party county coordinator Juma Midigo said they had decided to send Gwendo away and are looking for replacement to be presented to the party.
Joy worked at Royal Media as a creative journalist. Those close to her say that she has a weakness of falling in love with men at social joints instantly and on first sight. She had sometimes back after her arrest stopped taking alcohol preferring soft drinks but she is back at it.

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