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Sunday 17 May 2015

Bid to open Jap office in Nandi flops after house row

A joint effort by United Republican Party MPs and officials to open a Jap office in Nandi county came a cropper after a member of the county assembly thwarted the mission arguing that the leaders should seek alternative building from that of his sponsor party.
The Kapsabet ward assembly member, Fredrick Kipkemboi also said he was a URP elected leader with a contract of five years with the people, saying that he can only think of defecting after the expiry of his term.
He told those planning to cross over to Jap to prepare for the consequences of resigning and seeking fresh mandate from the people, considering that Jap was yet to be popular with voters.
“When I talk, many of them don’t listen but it always comes to pass as was in the case of the tussle in the assembly leadership where our colleagues lost positions over uninformed decisions,” he said. 
He said that he was ready to politically sacrifice his seat by defying to jump over to a party he does not understand its policies.
TNA members who had also attended the function at URP offices at Namgoi shopping centre also merged out in protest after they discovered late that they were not included on the list of speakers as affiliate partner.
Party chairman Simeon Ng’eny led the over 60 members in protesting to what they termed as being sidelined in all arrangements and mobilisation of the event.
Speaking separately, Ng’eny claimed that it was an insult for their colleagues to deny them chance to speak during a function of a party they consider as theirs, besides not having been invited as partners.
The TNA chairman had drawn a list of his party speakers but was surprised to learn that master of ceremonies Sammy Choge was out rightly bypassing them.
He stood up disappointment, was seen conversing with women rep Zipporah Kering before he stormed out with his supporters in tow.
He later told the press that Choge, who is the URP county chairman, should resign and hand over the position to a neutral person because he was a state officer after he was appointed to the board of Chemelil Sugar Company.
Before the meeting, information had it that URP county leadership would change hand from Choge to David Kemboi who is currently the party county executive officer.
There was a sense of dissatisfaction from voters present on the merger between the two parties, with a section of them saying that it was hurriedly done before the necessary ground sensitisation.
Majority leader Menjo, in his speech, expressed fear that with the dissolution of the United Republican Party, the Rift Valley voters will lose bargaining power.
Two MPs present, Kering and her Aldai counterpart Cornelly Serem. Told the attentive listeners that their merger with TNA will make it impossible for the president to short change his deputy in the next polls.
They claimed that the motive of the merger was also to give the two parties a national outlook from their previous identities which portrayed them as tribal entities.
Governor Lagat read resolutions which proclaimed that deputy president William Ruto was their undisputed leader and that from now, they shall be talking in one voice as a county.

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