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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Clan phobia hits Kisumu city

Our Reporter

Kisumu residents now want the county public service board to carry out a fair and transparent process in hiring a new city manager for Kisumu.
The residents claim that the ongoing process has been riddled with interference from different quarters thus affecting the integrity in hiring a new city manager for Kisumu.
Kisumu City Residents Voice chairman Audi Ogada said they are concerned by the interference from some powerful quarters that have vested interests.
He said the process should be guided by the law. His sentiments have also been echoed by a section of the county residents in subcounties within the county who have read mischief in the entire process of recruiting the new city manager for Kisumu City.
They now want the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the manner in which the recruitment process is being done, adding that the process of hiring has been a sham from the beginning.
The residents claim that the public service is compromised and an influential person at the county level is working to ensure that a person from a particular clan is employed as the city manager, adding that the clan is the one dominating the appointments done previously.
“We appeal to the board’s chairman Nahashon Oguya to ensure that the process of hiring the city manager is fully free, fair and transparent failure to which we will move to court to challenge it if it will be shambolic the way we are seeing it,” they said.
Audi in an earlier letter dated this January 15 written to the board’s chairman noted that there has been nepotism in some previous appointments where due process of law was not followed.
“Despite all the relevant laws that govern the operations of the board, it is increasingly worrisome that the public has not been happy with the manner in which the previous appointments were made because clannism and nepotism and played out,” read part of the letter.
He said the board should discharge its duties without fear or favour, adding that due process of law should be followed in hiring the public officers at the county government of Kisumu.
“Furthermore, well-placed sources have it that the board has immense vested interest in the ongoing interview for the position of the city manager. To add salt to injury, it is reasonably established that the preferred candidate also hails from the same clan that has over time dominated the previous appointments,” Audi added in his letter.