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Sunday, 1 February 2015

MP endorses principal for Trans Nzoia seat 2017

MP for Kiminini constituency in Trans Nzoia county Chris Wamalwa has endorsed the principal of St Anthony Cosmas Nabongolo for gubernatorial seat 2017 saying Governor Patrick Khaemba has failed.
Speaking in Kiminini where he delivered cheques for Uwezo Fund worth Sh13m to youth and women groups, Chris said Nabongolo is expected to retire from his teaching career before 2017 and he can make a good governor due to his admirable administration.
Chris said other counties like West Pokot have done much on their roads compare to Trans Nzoia. “We want a principal this time the way West Pokot did. You see Governor Simon Kachapin who was a principle is performing well. That’s why I have endorsed this man to vie for the seat,'’ Chris said.
He blamed Khaemba for discriminating the people of Kiminini in terms of services and jobs saying nobody has been employed from his constituency. He said he will not forget how he assisted Khaemba during the campaigns  and accused him of forgetting to say thanks to homes where campaign meetings were taking place that made him to be in power.
The governor’s adviser Mwambu Mabonga who represented Khaemba asked politicians in the county to give Khaemba time to deliver.  “A woman can not give birth to a baby today then tomorrow the teeth are out so give him time,’’ said Mabonga.
But Chris asked how long it will take the teeth to come out saying it is now two years since he took power. “If a child takes two years and you are not seeing teeth you become worried of the child,” he said adding that they are worried as parents.
Chris accused Jubilee of denying Eugene Wamalwa a job. He said it is now two years and the government is giving jobs to other people who did not stand with Jubilee living their son Eugene out.
Nabongolo urged parents to struggle despite poverty and ensure their children are in school for their better future. He said the only way to chase poverty is to invest in education.
Separately in Cherangany, Khaemba told his enemies to shut up and allow him to serve the people of Trans Nzoia who elected him. He said those who are not seeing the development that he has delivered since he took the office need eyes. He said some of them were in power and they did nothing.
Khaemba said he will sue former Forestry minister Noah Wekesa for defamation of character.
Addressing residents of Kipsaina he said Wekesa is crisscrossing the county to incite wananchi against him claiming that he has bought numerous houses in Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa using taxpayers’ money.
“Enough is enough, where this man has reached is far now. I will instruct my lawyers to deal with him in court accordingly,” said Khaemba.
Wekesa unsuccessfully vied for Trans Nzoia governor’s seat garnering 37,058 while Khaemba got 89,000. He said Wekesa has a tendency of attacking him especially in funerals.
Khaemba said Wekesa believed he was the only politician from the Luhya community who knew how to make wealth. He said Wekesa should be advising leaders and Trans Nzoia residents on different issues instead of attacking him without reason.
Khaemba also asked Endebess MP Robert Pukose to stop making statements aimed at dividing Trans Nzoia residents.