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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kiambu county declares total war on brew and dealers

Kiambu county government has smashed a major illicit brew trade racket in Kikuyu where 20 suspects  including a distributor, a wholeseller and retailer were apprehended for selling counterfeit brews and chang’aa.
During a lightning raid ordered by Kiambu county governor William Kabogo following public outcry, county askaris and APs from Kikuyu raided the Kikuyu slum. The operation led by Kiambu county chief officer in charge of public service and administration Dominic Gicheru, 12 suspects were found drinking chang’aa in a den.
The owner of the den, a lady was apprehended together with her clients. She was found selling chang’aa  packed in plastic bottles belonging to a local brewing company.
Chang’aa was also packed in plastic water bottles with the label of a leading supermarket. Gicheru said the chang’aa was injected into the plastic containers using a big syringe and the hole sealed with wax or super glue.
The den owner led the officers to a local client who supply her. The agent then led the police to her distributor who was later arrested for selling counterfeit brew and operating business without a licence.
The suspects were locked up at Kikuyu Police Station while samples of the brew were taken by county director of liquors Michael Kang’ethe and officers in charge  of Inspector Lwanga and police officers for analysis.
Gicheru was shocked to find drunken men lying on the streets. He said the county government had purchased three double cabin vehicles and order 10 boats the government intends to buy to fight illicit brew menace.