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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Mourners were treated to drama when MP Jakoyo Midiwo who appeared to have taken one two many for the road made his way to the funeral staggering.

The incident took place at Komolo village in Karachuonyo constituency during the tearful sendoff of Mzee Antipa Ongati. The deceased was a retired civil servant who had served with the ministry of Works. He is the father of  among others Maseno University don Omolo Ongati.

The incident caused many to say that some of MPs are a disgrace to the national assembly. The chairman of the Luo council of elders Riaga Ogalo who was among the mourners strongly condemned the recklessness with which the present crops of political leadership are treating carrying themselves.

Ogalo said some of the elected leaders in Luoland need to rebrand themselves and stop treating the community casually in total disregard to the community’s norms and culture, which require leaders to behave responsibly, particularly in public. Ogalo wondered whether those who consume alcohol excessively and appeared before the public while drunk and tipsy like Midiwo could really deliver to the electorate.

The MP was unable to deliver his speech eloquently in his own mother tongue. He was incoherent and no one could tell what he was yapping about. Moreover, the MP who had travelled all the way from Gem, did not have the courtesy of informing his local colleague James Rege who  did not attend the funeral because he had travelled to Mombasa on official duty and only sent his condolences to the  bereaved family.

Ogalo appealed to the members of the community who are entrusted with responsibility of shaping up the community to ensure they behave in a manner befitting stature.
At the same time, another ODM MP Ken Obura was spotted in Kisumu streets while being followed by 10 heavily built men guarding him. The youthful MP had lined up his trousers and jacket’s pocket with the huge bundles of Sh50 currency notes, which he was dishing out to the street children known as Ninjas and job seekers on the main Oginga Odinga street.
The MP told those who asked him why he was doing so that what he was doing was “paying back to the electorate”.