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Sunday, 1 February 2015

MPs bay for Kabogo’s blood in renewed supremacy war

The war against Kiambu county governor William Kabogo  intensified when two MPs from the region came out openly during two church functions in Ngoingwa Estate in Thika  and declared that Kiambu people made a serious blunder by electing Governor Kabogo.
Speaking at ACK St Stephen’s Ngoingwa Church and St Bernadette Catholic Church Ngoingwa Parish. MPs Alice Ng’ang’a (Thika) and her Kiambu counterpart Jude Jomo said Kiambu county was now agonising because of their last general elections blunder of electing Kabogo.
“We made a serious blunder in the last post and that is why we are lagging behind in development and embroiled in endless confrontations and lack of direction,” said Ng’ang’a.
The MP urged Kiambu people to seek divine intervention by praying very hard so that they never repeat such a mistake in future. Ng’ang’a who was wildly cheered by the congregation said since she was in the church she would not disclose the methods they had hatched to rectify the mistakes the Kiambu people did as soon as possible.
“We can no longer sit back and watch our county lagging behind and engaged in retrogressive wars because of poor leadership. We must find a way sooner than later to ensure our county is not left behind. The MPs have already told their electorate to prepare themselves to append 2 million signatures  to dislodge Kabogo from his gubernatorial  slot,” said Ng’ang’a.
 Jomo while speaking at St Benedetta Catholic Church during the inauguration of the Parish by ArchBishop John Njue said Kabogo had abdicate his role to manage the affairs of the Kiambu county and was engaging in backward witch hunting and meaningless wars.
“We are praying for God guidance to help us get out Kabogo’s yoke. Kabogo has lost direction and time has come for us to politically get rid of him,” said Jomo.
The MP said during their Naivasha retreat, Jubilee MPs unanimously agreed to support the pull out of Kenya from the ICC saying the court was politically corrupt and biased. She urged her electorate to support the new Jubilee Alliance Party.
On development, Alice said that on February 6 she would unveil her development project since she assumed office. She said a police station would be put up at Ngoingwa to beef up security. She said the new Karibaribi Girls Secondary School will take its pioneer students next week. She urged Kenyans to continue praying for unity, peace and prosperity.
ACK Thika Diocese Bishop Julius Wanyoike welcomed the Jubilee alliance but warned that it will only have meaning if it uphold Godly values and emphasise on equity.  Wanyoike was laying the foundation stone of the church as well as presiding over the confirmation service of his faithful.