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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tears of blood as Muranga reincarnates as Sodom and Gommorah

Shock and grief has engulfed Kora, Warugara and Mananga villages in Mathioya constituency of Murang’a county after a man was brutally murdered outside a bar by unknown people who pierced his face and throat with a knife, gorged out his eyes and inserted a big piece of wood into his rectum.
The 28-year-old Samuel Kimari Kiambo met the cruel hand of death outside a bar at Kora shopping centre where he was having a drink together with his peers.
In the shocking revelations by women at the village, Kimari had first been sodomised by unknown gang before he was killed in a murder termed as the most awful and horrible one in the village ever seen.
The women associate the killings to excessive intake of alcohol in the village that has seen most youths become zombies and criminals who cannot be relied on by their parents.
The three villages that are at the outskirts of Kiriaini town, have been turned into mourning with women wailing loudly as they mourn not just the recent man but other six men who have died as a result of alcohol in the same villages within a span of two months.
The women who had gathered to mourn Kimari cried and wailed as they condemned heavy drinking by their men and laxity amongst police officers who are also said to be customers in the said drinking joints.
Mary Nyambura, an aunt to the deceased from Warugara village narrated how his niece looked like after the incident. He had been found lying helplessly on a pool of blood.
“He had taken alcohol at a local bar only for us to receive a call in the morning that he was lying helplessly. He was stark naked and had been pierced on the face, neck and all over. He was killed like an animal,” Nyambura said.
Nyambura expressed concern with the arrest of Kimari’s younger brother Stephen Maina Kiambo who is still in police custody since his brother was murdered after he burnt his bloody clothes that were left at Kora shopping centre.
“The pain is so much because his younger brother has been arrested by police and is in custody at Kiriaini Police Station after he got angry when his late brother’s bloody clothes scattered at Kora shopping centre. He burned them out of rage and that is how he was arrested,” Nyambura said.
Another woman, Mary Wangechi narrated how Kimari’s body had been destroyed by pieces of woods inserted into his body, where one broke at the rectum and pierced his internal organs.
“Before he died, he was trying to sit down but could not because the piece of wood that had been inserted through the rectum was piercing his internal organs. He bled too much and could only shout calling his mother’s name,” Wangechi said.
The women also expressed concern with rising number of sodomy in the villages where many of their men have been sodomised after they get drunk.
“The government should ban drinking of cheap alcohol in these villages if it has become so difficult to control its consumption,” she said.
“Most men in these three villages have been sodomised while drunk and all this is happening at Kora shopping centre. I wish they can reveal it to you. They are passing faeces uncontrollably when they stand and this is an act that has shocked most of us women,” she said.
Jane Gathoni Kiambo was too frightened to talk and all she could do is cry, calling on God, asking him questions as to why her son had to die in a manner that is so cruel, and condemning alcohol amidst her cry.
“God why why why? I have served you diligently ooh God. Why did they kill my son in so inhumane act? God hear my cry and comfort me. Why do we have this alcohol that has destroyed all my children ooh God? May it come to an end?” Gathoni cried.
Kimari’s murder serves as a reminder of a 50-year-old pastor who was beheaded and his head placed in a sufuria in November at Kahatia in Kiharu constituency.
Alcoholism and subsequent deaths are not new in Murang’a county as many continue to push the government to minimise the rate in which it is licensing alcohol outlets. According to Mathioya MP there are over 200 liquor outlet while the constituency had 120 schools both primary and secondary schools.
The manner in which alcohol is sold on odd hours, from morning to late night has also raised eyebrows with the residents pointing at corruption that has paved way to bars being opened as early as 6am.
Mathioya MP Clement Wambugu whose constituency is the worst hit confirms that the issue has become an epidemic in the area.
Wambugu however blames it on the county government of Murang’a for what he terms as licensing bars anyhow in the interest of sourcing revenue.
The MP proposed that anybody wanting to open a bar should first of seek the mandate of the people in a baraza so as to be allowed or not allowed to open an outlet.
“Alcohol itself will not take this country anywhere. I know it’s a business yes but it must be regulated on how, when and where it should be sold.” Wambugu said.
Wambugu called on Murang’a governor Mwangi wa Iria to intervene directly in the licensing of bars and help save Murang’a youths who are lost in alcoholism.
“The department that is dealing with licensing of bars is the one that is failing us. Bars are actually more than schools in this constituency. When you try to get them down, you find another one has mushroomed somewhere and claims that they have acquired licenses. That is why we are asking the governor to intervene directly because the department that deals with licenses is under the county government.” Wambugu called.
He also reported the problem will not be addressed women at Kiriaini town that hosts 60 bars, 14 hotels and only four churches, have vowed to protest and conduct an independent operation of alcohol in the area.
“We would even propose that anyone who wants to run a bar to call for a public baraza and let the community be the one to make decisions whether they want a bar opened or not. We will conduct an independent operation if it has become difficult for our security team to fight alcoholism in this place. “ He said.