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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Serial rapist on the loose in Eldoret as police watch

A serial rapist is on the loose in Eldoret allegedly under the protection of the local police and his powerful tribesmen who are both from the provincial administration.
The shameless villain in his early 30s has repeatedly raped women in Burnt Forest, and typically following a characteristic and predictable behaviour pattern that has left hundreds in the region dumbfounded.
The rapist is son of the assistant chief in Burnt Forest.
The assistant chief and the local chief who are said to be protecting the rapist, married from the same house, while the area clinical officer who refused to prepare a medical report after one of the major victims reported the incident, is a brother of the two administrator’s wives, which complicates the whole episode into a deep, serial-style mystery that lacks the key to unlock.
Police in the Kondoo area of Burnt Forest are said to be involved in massive cover-up by colluding with the assistant chief and his boss in protecting the errant man from punishment, as he embarks on his devilish mission of forcing various women and mothers into unwanted sexual action with impunity.
One of the victims who is also victim of the ugly 2007/2008 PEV has had to contend with a horrible situation of psychological torture after the assistant chief and the chief allegedly hurled the carcasses of a dog into their well three weeks ago, in a bid to force the woman into dropping a defilement case she has filed against the victim in court.
The well is now hazardous following pollution of the well, normally used for drinking and washing.
The woman has refused to budge saying she will withdraw the case against the serial rapist over her dead body.
The uncompromising mother of three has been offered Sh20,000 to withdraw the case by the administrators which she has rejected. Police have been urging her to swallow her pride and accept the bribe but to no avail.
Between 2009 and 2014, the rapist defiled two women and went scotfree following protection from his “tall” relatives. This annoyed many in Burnt Forest.
He raped another lady in 2006 who died of suffocation after the beastly man thrust soil into her mouth and nostrils.
The current victim of rape who is a PEV victim has been trying to seek justice for being raped by the man in 2007. Shockingly, and in the course of seeking elusive justice, the victim who hails from Matharu in Burnt Forest, was for the second time raped by the same brute in 2008 after he ambushed her while on her routine chores.
Surprisingly, police investigators recording statements from the woman following her traumatising ordeals, have been urging the victim to drop her charges against the serial rapist “as they lack value and sense of purpose”.
The Kondoo Police Station men of the blue have allegedly been regularly placing phone calls to her with threats of dire consequences if she does not accept to take the Sh20,000. But the firm lady has refused to budge or drop the rape claims.
She opines that she has encountered more than enough in life after her husband completely deserted her on learning that she had contracted HIV/Aids after being raped.
“What threats are worse in life than the ugly things I have already faced in the world like contracting Aids with children to look after and a husband who has fled instead of remaining around to offer me strength and consolation? “Why should I become an outcast in the village over things that are not of my own making?” the helpless woman asked pathetically, dabbing tears from her eyes.
“What is Sh20,000 which is being offered to me compared with my dignity, life and my children and what I lost during the post-election violence? Don’t you think that the offer is one of the greatest insults ever hurled at a human being by sadists on earth?” the woman further posed.
And as the saga deepens becoming the topic of discussion by many in Burnt Forest and Eldoret town in general, pundits are openly questioning the essence of justice if it cannot be found in police and administration circles where it is supposed to be encouraged instead of being thrown out of the window.