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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Teachers collude with criminals to abduct pupils

Parents in Ruiru and its environs want private schools operating in the area to give protection to students who enroll in their institutions.
They want local police to work with the school administrators to come out with a clear strategy to curb future abductions of school children who are enrolled in high cost institutions. They are even calling for police escort or having a plaincloths officer accompany the school buses that drop and pick students who are now endangered species.
 Parents also want school management to vet teachers and other employees who have of late been colluding with criminals to abduct and demand huge amounts of money.
Only recently, detectives from Ruiru nabbed three suspects in an incident where a 14-year-old pupil from Juja Preparatory School was abducted and a ransom of Sh3m placed on his head. Already parents are threatening to relocate their students after three teachers were involved in the abduction scheme.
According to Ruiru Deputy OCPD Birgen Kiptoo, sleuths who had been trailing the suspects initially apprehended a lady who is believed to be the mastermind of the abduction as she was a close family friend of the victim’s family and even stayed at their home for months months and boozed with the captive sister along Koinange Street in Nairobi.
Kiptoo said the suspect was arrested at Parklands Nairobi. The police boss said that on being grilled, the suspect led the CID officers to Dandora where the other two suspects were smoked out of hiding.
The trio was bundled into police vehicles under tight security and escorted to Ruiru Police Station where they were locked up. Already five other suspects, a barber, three teachers and a driver have been arraigned before a Thika Court charged with the abduction of Martin Njoroge Mungai.
 The five were arrested as they delivered the abducted boy to his parent at Kenyatta Road Estate in Juja. The victim was abducted by three people outside their home as he walked home from school at 5:30 pm and not at their school gate as police had earlier indicated. The hijackers had demanded a ransom of Sh3m for the captive’s release.
The abductors had asked the boy to board their vehicle so that they could take him to where his dad was waiting for him. “When the victim resisted he was bundled in the vehicle and blindfolded with his school tie before the vehicle sped off,” narrated the police boss at his Ruiru office.
Kiptoo said that when the victim was unfolded, he was shocked to find himself in Parklands in Nairobi in the hands of his sister’s friend. The friend according to the victim frequented their home and sometimes stayed there for months.
Both ladies boozed together along Koinange Street pubs namely Topez and Nairobi Safari Club Annex, a police source that requested anonymity said. The OCPD said later in evening the minor was blindfolded again and taken to a barber in Dandora where the abductors left him overnight.
It is said, the barber on realising that the abductors were not coming for their captive after ‘cheating’ him they had gone to look for the subject’s school fee started interrogating the boy.
Sensing something was amiss, the barber called his brother who is a headteacher at a school in Dandora and informed him about the saga.
After the subject gave the barber and his brother his father’s number they called him and assured him that his son was safe and they would take him back home.
Meanwhile, the abductors had called the minor’s father Benson Njoroge Mungai demanding a Sh3m ransom to have the child back and alive.
The barber and his brother convinced the father not to pay the ransom as they would deliver the boy at home. After alerting police, sleuths laid an ambush at Mungai’s home in Kenyatta Road Estate in Juja.
When the vehicle which was delivering the captive arrived at 8 pm it was surrounded by the detectives. The captive was recovered unhurt. All the five occupants in the vehicle a Toyota saloon KBJ 650P where apprehended and the vehicle towed to Ruiru Police Station.
Kiptoo said those arrested were the driver of the vehicle said to be a taxi, the barber and his brother who is the headteacher of Dandora Preparatory School and two teachers from the same school.