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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Board wars at Afya Sacco

All is not well at Afya Sacco, one of the country’s most established cooperative societies. It is said camps have emerged with the chairman VP Lukiru being accused of engaging in nepotism and manipulating the smooth running of the Sacco.
Further, it is alleged that the chairman’s drinking habits have seen him arrive late to chair crucial meetings. He is also accused of pocketing the chief executive officer DMK Waroe. Already, the board of directors is said to be bitter with the manner in which Lukiru handles and runs the Sacco.
He together with the CEO pushed projects which they have interests given priority at the expense of deserving and demanding ones. The chairman is also allegedly said to be paid huge allowances and has taken loans running into millions which surprisingly are unsecured. He has also helped his cronies get loans in a shady manner.
 His vice chairman S G Kariuki is leading a faction opposed to him. They claim the chairman is a disgrace to the once vibrant Sacco as he is allegedly always found drinking with twilight girls to the wee hours of the morning only to have time in lodgings and brothels having fun and paying them handsomely for services offered.
Kariuki’s camp has the secretary, GO Otieno and board members MN Kariuki and SK Mutahi on his side while Lukiri camp consists of PK Wafula and PK Kiptoo on the other wing of the unfolding infighting at Afya Sacco.

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