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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Nakuru lawyer takes one-night-stander to court

A Nakuru lawyer who lost his household goods worth about Sh500,000 to a woman he picked from a nightclub is alleged to be a man of loose morals.
According to sources within  legal fraternity, the lawyer whose bank accounts are in red but puts on a face of  a rich man may be out to get money from the woman’s friends and family members. The idea is to settle the matter out of court.
Another source claimed the lawyer has been having sex targeting university and college students only to spent a night with them, beat them and then part without paying. He is said to promise between Sh2000 only to start claims of losing money once through with his exploits.
Due to his character, women in Nakuru who know him well have nicknamed him mbila mali while others call him kazi bure. He is accused of engaging in group sex and that is why he is not married.
The woman, Nancy Akinyi is said to have drugged Steve Onyango Kabita at his house and ‘swept’ it.
Kabita who is well-known in court corridors and social arenas in Nakuru has since sued Akinyi whom he had met in bar.
According to court documents, Kabita says he met the light-skinned woman on the night of November 3 last year at Club 64, a popular joint situated on the sixth floor of a building along Nakuru’s Kenyatta Avenue.
Kabita says Akinyi introduced herself as a third-year Egerton University student, completely disarming the heavily built lawyer who wasted no time instructing a barmaid to supply his newfound catch with drinks.
“She was so beautiful, polite and outgoing. I didn’t for once doubt her claim that she was a university student studying commerce. But the truth was revealed when I took her to my place,” said the lawyer.
The lawyer further claims they drove home at around 9pm and Akinyi later spiked his drink when he excused himself to answer a call of nature. He says he continued drinking when he came back from the bathroom but started feeling dizzy. He remembers waking up in the morning to find the woman gone and his prized household items missing as well.
Kabita says Akinyi stole a Samsung digital camera worth Sh13,499,  a BlackBerry phone worth Sh6,000, assorted clothes valued at Sh20,000 and a Samsung phone worth Sh10,000.
Other goods the lawyer claims to have been stolen by the lady include an Ampex woofer valued at Sh16,000, a laptop worth Sh250,000, a Techno mobile phone that cost Sh20,000, a watch worth Sh14,000, Timberland boots worth Sh10,000 and assorted silver rings plus chains valued at Sh50,000. However those who know the lawyer well say he has never owned such valuables and want him to produce receipts in court.
But the mother of three, who says she has never stepped into a university, has disputed the lawyer’s claims saying; “The lawyer was too drunk and at some point we had a scuffle. He locked the door and hid the keys in a shoe thinking I wasn’t watching”. To her, the lawyer wanted to force sex with no condom.
Akinyi who says she sat for her KCSE at a Nakuru secondary school in 2002, denied robbing the  Moi University law graduate of household items worth Sh450,298 at Afraha Estate Nakuru town.