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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Politicking breeding poverty in Siaya

Siaya county commissioner Caroline Onchoka has asked area residents to embrace socio-economic projects initiated by the county government of Siaya to empower themselves economically.
The county commissioner advised Siaya people to develop a culture of hard work to eradicate poverty, hunger and diseases that are rampant in the area.
Onchoka wondered why the people of Siaya cannot take advantage of the Sh50 million which has been put aside for irrigation projects adding that roads had already been rehabilitated, street lights erected and licence rates reduced.
“The people of Siaya must now stop unnecessary politics and make good use of the available resources if any meaningful development is to be realised,” she pleaded with the residents.
The commissioner who was speaking at a public forum at Yala township ward in Gem sub-county said Nyanza region had in the past complained that the past regimes had neglected them yet they are just politicking and doing nothing with roads spreading and crisscrossing in the six subcounties.
“Constant political bickering would not add any value to your lives. If you want devolution to change your lives, then you must shun politicians who dole handouts, and embark on development projects that would not only improve your livelihoods but also develop the counties’ economy,” added Onchoka.
The chief administrator who was accompanied by Siaya governor Cornel Rasanga urged youth to embrace the Sh1 million projects reserved for them by the county government to develop themselves economically, adding that is the only solutions to their social welfare and not handouts.
 “Instead of politicians giving youth Sh200 or Sh300 to heckle opponents in public rallies they should provide them with credit facilities that would enhance their welfares,” added Onchoka.
The governor urged the youth groups with capacity to get tenders to do so and implement them in the period stipulated so as to get more projects from the government.
He asked youths not to join those criticising his leadership but to do something that will change their lives forever.