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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Randy music producer goes underground

A studio producing Luo music is on spot following outcry by artists that its proprietor is a conman.
The production house commonly known as Barikiwa Studio has been accused of targeting mostly upcoming musicians in the conning game.
A host of upcoming musicians have now threatened to launch a legal battle against the proprietor Wuod Fibi is said to have perfected his game by making upcoming musicians believe his company is the most affordable in the market only for him to con them their hard earned money in the process of the deal.
Most upcoming Luo musicians are understandably pure hustlers with a number of them in the boda boda and other casual businesses who work round the clock in ensuring they sponsor studio recording on their own as they expose themselves to the potential sponsors through their early music.
It is against this background that social media users across the nation joined the war against the producer with a call for him to refund the money he collected from a section of upcoming musicians only for him to disappear in the thin air leaving the musicians stranded.
One Calisto Owino, a social media commentator and who triggered the online war wondered loudly why the producer should target upcoming musicians in his dubious game while he should be doing the opposite in supporting the musicians.
The man is said to be operating his studio from his bedroom in one of the slums in Nairobi, ostensibly, to evade relevant licensing authorities including the tax body Kenya Revenue Authority, among others.

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