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Sunday 30 November 2014


An  African Divine Church pastor is in police custody in Likuyani Kakamega county on allegations of defiling and injuring a six-year- old minor and also infecting her with sexually transmitted desease.
    According to the victim’s father, his two daughters aged four and six years were playing by the road near their home compound at Lugulu village, Mawe Tatu sub-location when the preacher ProtusMasika dressed in African Divine Church attire tricked them into an abandoned neighbour’s house pretending that he wanted to pray for them.
     The man then sent the young sister to go and see her mother who was working in their farm and later defiled the girl inflicting serious injuries. The father said the young girl rushed to inform her mother that there was a pastor who wanted to pray for them and was holding her sister in their neighbour’s house. The mother rushed to the scene but the damage had already been done and the man of clothe dashed out of the house. The mother raised alarm that attracted a crowd that pursued the priest as he tried to flee.
     The crowd managed to catch him and descended on him with all manner of crude weapons before he was rescued by security personnel and takento Matunda Police Station. The victim was rushed to Matunda Subdistrict Hospital where it was confirmed that she had been defiled and infected with virus.
      According to the mother, the medical officer who carried out the exercise refused to fill a P3 Form to have the culprit prosecuted in court demanding to be paid Sh1,000 of which he could not afford a move he says seems to deny her daughter justice.
Speaking to press the area children officer Maurice Okiru complained over cases of medical officers demanding payment for defilement cases which is against law. He said all children who are victims of defilement are supposed to be treated and given P3 Form free of charge and promised to intervene and ensure the culprit faces the law.
 Mawe Tatu sublocation assistant chief Wycliffe Masinde said the suspect is a resident of Makutano in the neighbouring Sango sublocation and he has been moving in the area claiming to collect money ahead of a fundraising in aid of their Sango ADC church. “This man is not a resident of my sublocation. He comes from outside but for the past two days he has been moving from door to door in my area  collecting money for church construction. We did not know he had ill motive,” said Masinde.

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