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Sunday, 30 November 2014


After one year of political bickering pitting Narok county governor Samuel Ole Tunai and Narok North MP Moitalel Ole Kenta, finally the battle line has been drawn.
Based on a political scenario witnessed in Narok town last Monday when the two camps paraded who is who in their camps during two charged rallies held in different venues within the town it was evident that only divine intervention  will probably  help reconcile the two groups and return sanity in the area.
The Kenta camp has managed to bring to its fold Narok senator Stephen ole Ntutu, three other area MPs Korei ole Lemein, Patrick ole Ntutu and Johana Ng’eno.
Other powerful political giants from the county drumming for the ouster of the Governor Tunai and attending the curtainraiser rally included former ministers Julius ole Sunkuli and William ole Ntimama, retired  President Daniel Moi property manager and very influential politician Andrew ole Sunkuli who landed at the venue in a chopper, former TLB chairman Hassan ole Kamwaro, Maa community development mobiliser Silvester ole Ntutu, Maa community lands rights activist Meitamei ole Dapash, Educationist Ladema ole Kina, more than 20 reps and tens of high-ranking civil servants among the endless list.
Thousands of  Kikuyu community living and doing business in Narok county have found themselves between a rock and hard surface and are yet to declare their position in the emerging political scenario between Kenta and Governor Tunai who they allegedly voted for as block in the last general elections. Kenta won the seat on  TNA ticket while Tunai and four other MPs in the county won on URP tickets. Johanah  Ngeno the Emurua Dikirr constituency MP won the seat on KSC ticket.
 The major accusation against the governor is that for the last two years he allegedly mismanaged huge amount of money earmarked for development projects, failure to consult with other stakeholders during implementation of projects in the county thus turning the activities into one man show.
Other issues against the governor is unfair distribution of available job opportunities thus an indicator most favoured are allegedly his close political allies
Governor Tunai was also accused of awarding his own company tender to collect revenue from the Mara Game Reserve after cancelling a previous tender he found operating signed by the former Narok county council and the Equity Bank.
Tunai entry to office the Kenta team claimed saw tens of revenue clerks who were deployed in the Masai Mara Game Reserve entry gates were removed after his company introduced e-ticketing method of revenue collection.
Tunai in quick rejoinder almost immediately dismissed the Kenta camp as power hungry, selfseeking out to advance their political mileage using unorthodox method.
Tuanai claimed that most of the issues raised by Kenta camp were total falsehoods meant to deflect his development agenda to concentrate on imagined defensive propaganda.
Tunai a security intelligent officer who served during  the Moi era is known ally of Deputy President William Ruto whom its rumoured is his only saviour in this war if political survival is to go by.
Those in his camp include two MPs namely Ken Kiloku and Gideon Konchella, others are the county women representative Soipan Kudate and at least more than 30 reps led by majority leader Stephen ole Kudate and Kipsigis community who have largely benefited from Tunai leadership among others.
The issue of the Mau Forest also dominated the two warring parties with the governor who has been accused of delaying the eviction of the alleged squatter in water catchment pointing an accusing finger at the Senator Ntutu.
The governor said senator allegedly masterminded the encroachment into the forest using fake boundaries of the neighbouring group ranches lands.
The governor accused Ntutu of playing dirty politics instead of using factual information to acuse him and using falsehood to oust him from office.
After a daylong rally held Illmasharian grounds the Kenta camp resolved to name in two weeks time their preferred candidate for governor’s seat if their mission to oust Tunai succeeds.
Speaker after speaker said they will resort to jungle rule to remove Tunai from office top of the public protests until he succumb to pressure. 
“If Hosni Mubarak, Idi Amin and latest Blaise Compaore have been shown exit door through public protests what is a governor in county?’’ posed MP Ngeno amid thunderous applause in support from the crowd.
Senator Ntutu who was among the key speakers during the rally vowed to ensure the governor whom they were elected on the same URP ticket was removed from office.
The governor and the senator are rumoured to have parted ways after the two failed to honour their campaign MOU.
Senator Ntutu had pushed for employment of his two brothers in key county positions one as a county clerk and the other as assembly speaker.
Two Narok MPs are allegedly lined up by the Kenta and Senator Ntutu camp as possible immediate replacement for Tunai and his deputy. They are Patrick Ntutu (governor) and Johana Ngeno (deputy governor ) while Francis ole Nkoitoi will replace Patrick Ntutu as Narok West MP. Shopping for replacement of Emurua Dikirr MP is in top gear.
 President Uhuru Kenyatta is coming to Narok on December 4 most  to open a road in Nairegia Enkare a mission view as last effort to save the embattled Governor Tunai from possible ouster.
As we went to press political temperature in Narok county was at it maximum as return match is waited after expiry of the 14 day ultimatum for the governor to voluntarily pack or face public humiliation.

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